Monday, August 20, 2012

Doodle 020 - Dragon to Good Home

Confession: I have a phobia of dinosaurs (I googled it and apparently it now has a name: ornithoscelidaphobia, ha!), I know, I know, as fears go this one is way up there on the irrational list, what can I say, looks like I had to be original. Plus it is easier to fear something that no longer exists.

Spiders?: Whatevs
Snakes?: Eh...
Lizards?: They are sorta cute.
Mice?: Really?

Oh, but a dinosaur, a dinosaur will terrify me, and if you want to give me a mini heart attack? Put a large model of Nessie in the water without telling me and let me swim... I am not kidding, when I used to swim in competitions I would imagine Nessie was chasing me in order to get that extra kick of adrenaline before touching the wall one last time.

 I was even scared to death of the silly sea serpent on the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride at Disneyland. I only rode that once and I had to use all the will I had as a 12 year old not to freak out in that tiny Nautilus. (I am not even going to google an image of it, just can't LOL).

So, following my irrational fears... you would think I am also terrified of dragons... I kinda am, but only if I see a "life sized" "realistic" sculpture of one, otherwise I really like to draw them, because... they are cool.

Makes sense? No? That's OK, doesn't make much sense to me either.

And with that unnecessary rambling, here goes today's doodle:

Free Dragon to Good Home - Graphite and mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 25 mins. 

I can tell that, whoever happened upon this dragon has probably never been in charge of one before... seriously... who makes a dragon bed out of hay? Amateurs.

Doesn't surprise me they are trying to find it a new home.


MichelleH said...

Awww! Super adorable!

Nomi said...

Dragons sleep on gold, because it's a softer metal and doesn't catch fire while they sleep.


Melissa said...

Lovin this little guy!!

Maple Girl said...

Bwahahaha I love the story behind it, both the one for the dragon and your interesting phobia. I guess reading Dinotopia is out of the question for you eh?

As always, such a cute/amazing drawing. I wish I could draw. I do more shapes and patterns. But I always look like a little kid has drawn it.

You're amazing! Keep 'em coming!

Lisa Chin said...

It's adorable! How could any one be scared of such a sweet looking creature.

Mrsblocko said...

What a cute dragon. I'll keep him, provided someone donates the pile of gold for it to sleep on! ;)

consider yourself lucky not to be afraid of spiders. I'm petrified of all the creepy crawlies.

So-Sew Me said...

Beautiful, I love your style.

Laura P. said...

I've been a daily reader ever since Jen linked to your site from Epbot, and very much enjoy seeing your daily doodles. I've really admired your animal doodles, like the penguin and the otter, but this one is my favorite!! I've recently become somewhat obsessed with dragons, and I'd totally take this little guy home! Thanks for the smiles, and I am praying for you!

Saudade said...

@MichelleH: Isn't it?

@Nomi: Yup, really don't know why anybody would use hay instead hehehe.

@Melissa: Thanks! Glad you liked it.

@Maple Girl: Oh, maybe, I did read Jurassic Park, I guess I could choose to imagine the dinosaurs less scary if I wanted to, so the book wasn't too bad. Hehehe.

@Lisa: Aw thanks!

@Mrsblocko: Hehehe, that's a great stipulation, I guess dragon adoption fees are pretty hefty once you consider the price of their bedding alone.

@So-Sew Me: Thanks!

@Laura: Thanks Laura, glad to have you along every day. I am happy you liked it!

hello haha narf said...

my nickname somehow became the red dragon (something to do with me being a woman with red hair who is fiercely protective of friends and family). i love dragons. and yours is no exception. he is precious!