Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Doodle 015 - Cloud Weaver

The office was crazy today and I ended up working late. For a moment there I was getting a bit worried that I wouldn't have energy or time to do any doodling.

Luckily, I finally managed to get away and draw something out.

And so, here is my cloud weaver, a completely fantastical creature whose purpose is to create beautiful formations out of water vapor. This one in particular enjoys making cumulus.

Cloud Weaver - Sketch from memory. Graphite and mechanical pencil on plain moleskine notebook. Aprox 25 mins.


Jan said...

You come up with some of the neatest backstories for your characters! You should think about a writing and drawing a children's book.

Saudade said...

@Jan: I actually wanted to illustrate children's book for a while, my husband and I had started a collection of beautifully illustrated books, but I completely stopped thinking about it after my first surgery.

It might be a good idea though, maybe in the future I will revisit it :)

Yota said...

She's so pretty and whimsical.

Saudade said...

@Yota: Thanks! I am glad you liked it :)