Monday, August 6, 2012

Doodle 006 - Nooo, not the sick!

Soooo I sat down to draw today after a long day at the office filled with thrills and cliffhangers, (who said an office job isn't exciting? Heh heh...), when I started to feel rather ill... mind you I have been feeling off and sorta sick for the past two weeks but I have been keeping whatever it is at bay.

As a result of whatever "ick" I am weathering my right arm and hand are very sore, but for the sake of keeping this up I forged on and... came up nearly empty handed, seriously, just random lines until I drew this:

I iz sick, gonna go lie down now.
Hopefully I'll have this under control by tomorrow, can't really afford to take time off now. Curse you whatever it is!!! I shake my fist on your general direction!

Night ya'll.