Sunday, August 12, 2012

Doodle 012- Why the cats?

My drawing hand was acting up today, couldn't quite get a nice line going and it made things slow. I guess it is because I worked on my vinylmation project for quite a while before drawing and that took most of my energy.

What are vinylmations? Well, they are the Disney version of vinyl toys (to see what vinyl toys are, you can visit one of my favorite shops online: I had been collecting vinyl toys for quite sometime before Disney decided to get in on the action. Once they started to roll them out and offer blank versions for anybody to costumize, I started to ponder on a design i would like to paint onto one.

My husband and I go to Disney World a lot. It is just 4 hours away by car, so it is easy to plan long weekends here and there, plus when I get very stressed/sad nothing cheers me up like watching the fireworks show over Cinderella's castle, maybe that's crazy, but I am kinda crazy anyway, so it suits me just fine.

Anyway, not that long ago I picked up several blank vinylmations to try to get back into painting. I ended up doodling an initial design sketch during a very long meeting, and have been chipping away every other weekend.

The project isn't done yet, but it is getting mighty close.

Now, to explain the design itself:
One of my favorite holidays is Halloween, I was born and lived in Mexico City for 7 years and I have very fond memories of the "Day of the Dead" celebration. My family would put up an "ofrenda" (offering), which basically is an altar decorated with flowers, sugar skulls, sculptures, photos of our dearly departed, incense and anything the deceased liked to eat or drink while they were alive.

To celebrate the holiday we would visit the graveyard, clean our families plots, decorate them with flowers and then go home and have a meal while telling each other anecdotes and stories about our grandparents, greatgrandparents and everybody else that wasn't with us any longer. To me, it was a good holiday, I always learned something new about family members that I never got to meet and their memory lives on in mine, which is lovely I think.

I had a black vinylmation so I figured I could turn that into a day of the dead sugar skull.

Initial doodle.
Applying draft work to the actual vinyl toy using prismacolor pencils... they actually draw pretty well on the surface of the black vinylmation.
Front of semi-finished vinyl toy. 9 inches tall, acrylics and plastic scrapbooking jewels.

Left side.


I need to refine some details, the body is mostly done, the head just has a lot delicate work.

And finally today's doodle, I hit a wall and couldn't figure out what I wanted to draw after spending so much time painting. So I ended up making a doodle of my husband as an Adventure Time character since it is one of his favorite shows at the moment.

He looks slightly puzzled because I am sure his comment when he sees this will be: "Why am I holding the cats?" and I will only be able to reply: "Because."

"Why am I holding the cats?". 15 mins, graphite and mechanical pencil on plain moleskine notebook.


Nomi said...

If he questions you further about the cats, I'd give him a creepily blank stare and awkward silence. 0.0 ---

Saudade said...

@Nomi: LOL yes, I def. should do that.

Lisa Chin said...

Beautiful painting! The cats look like they are having fun! Maybe he is taking them to Disneyland for a good time. ;)

Maple Girl said...

Bwahahaha! I love how the cat in the right arm has the same confused look as your husband! Awesome.

Also, that vinylmation sugar skull is awesome.

I really must have something of yours when you're done with the project. I'll happily buy any of your doodles. Or a coloring book. Or something. ^_^ I don't find too many artists that I really like. Your spirit comes through in your drawing and I think it's amazing.

Rhissanna said...

Brilliant. I love hoe you solved the issue of the tail. Cute and bony!

Lea said...

This just gives me another reason to plan a trip to Disney World! OH and I were planning on going there for our honeymoon, but we got married in Vegas, and could not justify another trip. Especially in August. Some advice: avoid Vegas in August. Happy drawing!

Jan said...

Have you seen anything about the new Pixar movie with the day of the dead? Saw the link at Jen's blog. Go to

Lauren said...

Holy wow - loving your version of the mouse!! I love sugar skulls so this is just the bees knees to me. rock on:)

Saudade said...

@Lisa lol that would be cool.

@Maple Girl Thanks :). We have 2 cats, one is more nervous than the other and the other loves my husband, so I thought it fit.
I am working on an idea to get some prints done, hopefully soon I'll get it all figured out.

@Rhisanna Thanks! I thought about sculpting a tail, but then I liked this idea better :)

@Lea Oh! I bet it was super hot! Disney World is awesome, I recommend visiting in the fall or around mid to late February and early march, less crowds and heat.

@Jan Yes! I remember hearing about it and wishing I were working on that project. Maybe I should tweet Lee Unkrich the design to show my support.

@Lauren Thanks! I am happy you liked it :)

JessicaMarie said...

I love how the stripy cat looks vaguely terrified and the other kittah is happy as a clam...I can almost hear her singing to
Your Vinalmation sugar Micky is adorable! I'm gonna have to pick some up when I go to Disney World in October. I paint pewter minis as a stress reliever, but Disney looks like it would be way more fun!
Have a great day hun, I love looking forward to your posts every day!
Jessica Marie