Thursday, August 2, 2012

Doodle 002 - Meetings, doodles, Show Dragon

Work today was pretty much one long meeting, many fires started and were put out in the middle of that chain of meetings.

Whenever I find myself trapped in a conference room I can't help but fill my notepads with a combo of actual work notes and little swirls, vines, flowers and on time to time creatures.

Today I ended up drawing penguin doodles. We might need penguin illustrations later, so I decided to start fleshing quick sketches for later next week.

Once home I set out to draw animals, I chose a random lizard photo and ended up with a "show dragon" or what I would imagine a dragon would look like if it were to be a circus horse.

Penguin quick sketches, black roller ball pen on ruled notebook. 3-4 minutes each tops.

Show Dragon, graphite on plain moleskin notebook. Aprox 20 mins.


IMQTPI said...

Love your blog! Adding it to my reader :-)

Yes, I learned about you from Epbot and I, like everyone, was very moved (and appreciative of) your first post.

I had to laugh at this post. I can totally relate! Particularly the part about being trapped in a conference room and HAVING (seriously NEEDING) to Doodle.

Honestly, if I didn't Doodle, I'd probably crawl completely out of my skin!!!

I had heard - someplace - that "Doodlers were only halfway listening" (or "passive listeners" or some-such nonsense). I was greatly relieved to read elsewhere (years later) that Doodlers actually are MORE likely to recall what was being discussed in the meeting (or whatever!).

Unfortunately, now I don't remember where I heard either claim! But I am definitely on the side of the latter theory!

Seriously: I can look back on my "scratches" and recall EXACTLY what was being discussed at the time. I found your lower-left drawing to be *most* telling (the goofy-smiley face). I'm guessing there was a lot of (perceived) silliness being hashed-out!

Anyway... Thanks so much for sharing your story, and your sketches! I look forward to seeing even more in the coming year!

The Couch Potato said...

Those penguins are absolutely adorable.