Friday, August 17, 2012

Doodle 017 - Missing winter

You could say I only have 1 season I dislike, unfortunately, that season happens to be summer. I might have a lot of reasons to not like it, but it all boils down to the fact that... I just don't like the heat.

I know it sounds silly, overall since I live in Florida at the moment, and the summers here are muggy, wet and sauna-like. It took me about 5 whole years to be able to go outside in the middle of August and not feel like Darth Vader was force-choking me.

And so, when fall starts to get closer, even when the temps don't seem to change much around here, I feel a bit happier, and by the time Halloween comes around the corner I am in the best mood of the whole year.

I guess this is why today I ended up drawing this:

Winter scarf - Graphite and mechanical pencil on plain moleskine notebook. Aprox 20 mins.


amanda said...

I love the- flavor? I don't know the right word!- of your drawings. You are very expressive and they are lovely.

I can't say that I miss winter though!

Nats said...

Fall is my favorite. I hide in the summer as well. And I agree with Amanda, I am loving your flavor/style. I love checking out what you create each day.

Kirsti said...

I just moved from Durham, NC to Chicago: I'm still getting used to living in a big city overall, but I *love* having gone from humid 90+ temperatures to breezy mid-70s just like that. Maybe the Cloud Weaver and I can arrange to send some breezy fall weather your way. :)

Libby said...

Love the phrase, "being force choked by Darth Vader"! I'm in Fla, too, and can't stand the heat, either.

BTW, if you're in the Tampa Bay area, there are otters at both the Florida Aquarium and the Lowry Park Zoo.

Found my way here via Epbot and kept on reading. You are quite inspiring, my dear, and I wish you all the best in your healing journey.

Saudade said...

@Nats: Thanks! I think I know what you mean, I am so glad to know you are following along.

@Kristi: That would be lovely! I hope your move is going well and that you are getting adjusted to the big city without too many troubles.

@Libby: LOL when I tell my friends back at Spain that that's what summer feels like here they sorta get the idea. I have visited Tampa before, I will make it a point to go check out the otters next time.
Also, thanks for reading and the best wishes.