Monday, August 13, 2012

Doodle 013 - Taking the dragon for a stroll

I could start this post by griping about the fact that it is Monday... but instead I will post a video I found yesterday that illustrates my feelings about today:


Now, imagine I am the panda, the cage is Monday and the panda caretaker is reality... damn you reality! *Shakes fist*

Needles to say, I felt a bit off most of the day, and then just downright sad when I got home after work, but I sat myself down and doodled practically nothing for a couple of hours until... I went and checked my pinterest feed.

Oh yeah,  I am about shoulder deep into pinterest. It is an awesome place for visual types, like me, to gather stuff. I might even be a bit, (or OK maybe a lot), addicted.
I use pinterest as a tool to cheer myself up with geeky things I love and to keep reminding myself of what I want to achieve.

For example: I have a whole board dedicated just to what I believe would be my dream job: Character, production design and storyboarding for animated features.

Anyhow, one of the people I follow, Claire Hummel, who BTW is an incredible artist, has an awesome collection of pins to use as reference for costumes on her drawings. So I got inspired and drew this just by grabbing a jacket from one of her boards and going from that:

Taking the dragon out for a stroll - Graphite and mechanical pencil on plain moleskine notebook, aprox 10 mins.
The dragon finagled its way into the drawing when I found it a tad static, things just seem to flow that way sometimes.

Some days are harder than others and my creativity is affected by the way I feel. Consistency and discipline do help a lot, so I am happy I managed to draw something out. I didn't get discouraged because I knew you guys were cheering me on as well.


Nancy said...

She looks like she is deep in thought, or day dream. Very pretty in an innocent quiet way. at least that is what i see, and i love it !

Sarah said...

I feel it too! Just think, it can't be Monday again for a whole week! And I love to wittle dragon.

Maple Girl said...

I love it! I love how you can suggest an entire scene/setting with just a single drawing.

I can totally see her as a sort of aristocracy who is pining the loss of a loved one, possibly due to a war. And the dragon is her one true companion through this whole ordeal.

Or maybe it's just the storyteller in me. ^_^

LeAnn Woodward said...

I love coming here every day and seeing your new creations! I'm inspired by you and I am thinking of taking up my drawing again... Something I haven't done since before I had kids (my baby is 18) Not sure if I'll be any good at it anymore. Scared to try but with your inspiration I think I will have to.

Keep it up! And thank you for sharing yourself with us!

Nomi said...

Yaaay #13!!!

Saudade said...

@Nancy: Thanks! Yes, she does look pensive doesn't she?

@Sarah: That's a good way to look at it :D

@Maple Girl: Thanks, I try. I love your interpretation, very nice.

@LeAnn: Thanks for checking my doodles out. At first your drawings might be a bit off, but if you put a bit of work at them every now and again I am sure you'll get back into the groove of things. I am rooting for you!

@Nomi: right? I can't believe I have done so many so far.

Thanks everybody!