Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Doodle 001 - back to basic structures

After years spent away from drawing I realized I had lost my ability to sketch.

Basic human figures I had spent years studying had become stiff, flat and one dimensional.

This basic flaw became apparent when I decided to push the envelope and take online classes with Bobby Chiu and Stephen Silver.

My lines of action were lifeless and uninspired, my hand was way out of sorts and I had/have a major creative block.

To help me with this, I have started doodling the human figure again. Sometimes I use photos of models, other times I just start drawing whatever I can gather from memory.

To loosen myself I only spend limited amounts of time developing the sketches.

Here is today doodle. I am also throwing in some extras I have done through July.

(Click on drawings to view them at higher quality)
Today's doodle, 5 minute sketch from photo of model

5 Minute sketch from memory
Doodle from photo, 10 minutes. Emphasis on lines of action and fleshing out a body from them.

3 minute sketch from memory plus ink brush from memory
I can't remember the name of this animal, drawn last week at Animal Kingdom Lodge. 8 minutes aprox from live animal. Edit: Disney Jeff knows what animal this is "The animal from the Animal Kingdom Lodge is a scimitar-horned oryx."

Zebra, 2 minute sketch. This one kept moving around so all I could do is catch a basic structure.

Zebra butt drawn from live zebra, 10 minutes. I was lucky and it stayed put for a while. It decided to not look at me at all though.


Anonymous said...

I came here from Epbot. I just wanted to say you are very talented! I love the line and ink of the woman, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

(I think the animal you can't remember is a of my favourites!)

Your story is heartbreaking. I hope you find peace and a way back to yourself. xx

Midnight Ramblings said...

Your drawings are wonderful. I can barely draw a stick person, myself. I can't wait to see more of yours.

Disney Jeff said...

The animal from the Animal Kingdom Lodge is a scimitar-horned oryx.Just a friendly helping hand by your resident Disney Nerd

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! Your doodles are awesome!

I love them and (as someone here said before) would buy them in a heartbeat. Are you thinking about making copies and selling them or even originals on etsy (for example)? Like postcards or even bigger poster-like prints.

I would really, really love that. Especially the girl doing her hair. Wouldn´t you? Pretty please!