Thursday, August 16, 2012

Doodle 016 - Otter cuteness

Remember when I told you I loved otters?

I normally don't draw them as much as cats, I guess because I have 2 cats as reference, so I know their anatomy a bit better.

While waiting for a meeting to get underway today I scribbled some on my notepad... as you can see an otter pretty much took over the place.

Quick doodles - pen on ruled notebook paper.

So once I got home I got down to drawing an otter. What I ended up with isn't a photo realistic otter by any means, but I was going mostly for cute. I used several otter photos to get an idea of what their hands look like, ears and feet.

I must admit I never paid much attention to otter anatomy... most of the time I was just too busy trying to contain the glee whenever I saw a live one and never mind internet videos, my brain pretty much short circuits due to the cute whenever an otter appears. Still, I would love to go to an aquarium and watch them for a bit while making quick sketches.

Otter cuteness - Graphite and mechanical pencil on plain moleskine notebook. Aprox 15 mins.


MichelleH said...

Adorable!!!! We have lovely otters at the Calgary zoo if you ever want to come and check them out. :)

Maple Girl said...

Well that is otterly adorable indeed. . . . Sorry couldn't help myself, needed to comment just for that pun!

Fun to see your art as always. ^_^ Keep it up!

Jan said...

I love otters too, in fact any mammal enjoying a swim, including polar bears. I once was asked to come up for a sign design for a water slide and I drew an otter in beach shorts and a cap, but the owner wanted his own likeness instead.(eye roll) I turned his character into a petulant child and he liked it. Go figure. On another note, check out children's author Bill Peet. He worked for Disney on Dumbo and I loved all of his books when I was a kid.

Nomi said...

My cat, named Otter, fully aproves. =^.^=

Saudade said...

@Michelle: That would be lovely! I have never visited Canada, the closest I have been to is the airport while changing plains in Vancouver I think. Visiting one summer and getting my fill on mountains and natural wonders would be awesome.

@Maple Girl: LOL, I nearly made that same pun, glad you did it for me ;)

@Jan: Oh swimming polar bears are cool too. And bummer about the otter design, I feel your pain, as a graphic designer a lot of my comps get thrown out and sometimes the final design isn't at all what we started with, but it's part of the job I guess hehehe.

@Nomi: A cat named otter = awesomesauce

MichelleH said...

Well, let me know if you ever do come to Canada - I love playing tour guide and giving sightseeing advice! :)