Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Doodle 008 - Shapes

Tonight I decided to reign myself in after a rather eventful day by trying a technique based on shapes.
They taught me this at art school very early on.

I was a bit stuck wondering what to draw, my brain was still fluttering about, so I started with one single circle, I am sure you can guess which one, (hint, it is very near the center of the drawing), then started to add curves around it and slowly this drawing emerged.

This was specially challenging because I was trying to keep my lines from shaking too much.

Round the Queen - graphite and mechanical pencil. 15 mins aprox.


Anonymous said...

I am staying up much too late reading your posts and admiring your sketches. I have also just found you through Jen, and your story touched me, too. I don't know why there is so much suffering or why some suffer so much more, but I applaud you for making it through the darkest hours and coming through to the other side. Store up the small pleasures and little victories and pull them out every time you start to get overwhelmed. I wish for you continued healing and peace. You are an incredible writer, artist, woman, SURVIVOR.

Diane said...

Oh my gosh, you are so talented! I am one of the many that was sent here by Jen and sobbed uncontrollably through your story. Thank you for sharing. You were incredibly brave through your past trials, you were brave to bare your soul online for others to learn from and you are brave to continue pushing forward to heal. I deeply admire you for all that and for your amazing artistic talent! I saw that you commented on a previous post that you might consider commissions in the future. If you do start selling your art, please ask Jen to let us know on Epbot. I have a bad memory about checking back on these things, but I know if I see your art is available, I will jump on it!
Sending you love and hugs and baby otter wishes from LA! <3

Jan said...

Found your blog through Jen. Your work is beautiful. I was going to tell you not to pressure yourself to make something every day, just go to it when you feel the need. But I can see from your drawings that you feel the need always. Anyone who can form lines like that sees beauty in everything. I am cheering you on!

Maple Girl said...

I wish your doodles were scanned into the computer. I'd print them out and let my daughter color them in. Heck, I'd color them in.

Oooh - maybe at the end of your 365 project you could turn them into a grown up coloring book. I'd buy at least 3.

Just a thought. ^_^

Amoniel said...

Oooh, I second Maple Girl's comment!

Anonymous said...

Here from EPBOT, just to say GO YOU! And since someone else kindly left a link to a puppy cam, here's a link to the Monterey Bay Aquarium sea otter tank cam. Because you deserve ALL THE INSPIRATION!

- Kit

Saudade said...

Carrie: Thank you so much for your kind words.

Diane: Thank you! I will let everybody know when I am ready to start taking commissions or produce prints for sure. Truly, I never anticipated a demand at all, so I was pleasantly surprised by it.

Jan: Thanks, I will be trying my very best everyday, so please do stop by whenever :)

Maple girl and Amoniel: That's a neat idea, I'll have to look into it and see what I can do. Right now I am mostly just taking photos of the doodles with my phone... I will be sincere, I do this because it is the fastest way, but I will scan and start cleaning some up as I go and share.

Kit: OMG! Ottersss! Squeee!!!