Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doodle 029 - Otter mail

I had/still kinda have a rather large migraine today. This happens way more often than it should, I have been to the neurologist before about it, have been trying different drugs to figure it out, but like a lot of things in modern medicine, it is all about approximation apparently.

Of course it doesn't help that the neurologist office is at the hospital, and due to my history, the place makes me incredibly uneasy and more panicked than I'd like to even admit, so I only go when it gets really bad.

Maybe it was due to the headache, I am not sure, but I doodled this today:

Otter Mail Delivery - Graphite and mechanical pencil on Moleskine plain notebook. Aprox 10 mins.
My proportions and perspective are both off... if that makes any sense given the drawing itself lol.

My brain functions in a very wonky way when I have migraines.

There is a chance that I'll be able to attend my very first Dragon*Con this week. It would be awesome if we manage to pull it off, plus I'll get to meet more of my husband's family which is always a plus.

I have been in a bit of a funk lately, so a small getaway and adventure could do me a world of good. Plus I am sure to find a bunch of things that will get me inspired and drawing for quite some time.

Sitting here at home I often second guess myself a lot, I wonder if I have any real imagination left, any talent at all.

The best artists practice every single day, they don't give up, they research and study in order to get where they are, but they must have some raw talent to be able to decipher things, pull concepts out of their head and put them down on paper. I just hope I haven't wasted all of my talent (if I had enough to begin with) away after years of punishment, that's all. I am sure all this doubt comes from the evil funk. Going away for a bit and resetting things should help with it for a while.

If I do go, I'll keep updating. Also, I started a tumblr and a twitter account, I'll probably be able to update those several times a day. My tumblr will mostly have nonsense I am sure, but that's how I roll.


Victoria said...

I think your proportions being off on an otter delivering mail is ok. ;-)

I think he's adorable!

Andrea said...

Aww! He's so cute--spunky, I think.

Nomi said...

I hope this funk passes soon for you. In the realm of artists you are so far from alone you could get lost in a sea of commiserates. The thing that sets you apart and what keeps me lurking around long after the Epbot post is your dedication to this interesting task AND your undeniable talent.

Also, otters are super cute. Way to take that stress and squash it until it was worthy of being called adorbs.

amanda said...

I am one of the many who found your lovely blog via Epbot.

From a completely objective observer- you have a real gift. I love the expressiveness and delicacy and grace in your drawings. You create the kind of imagery that I wish I could.

Please tell the evil funk to go stuff itself.

And I hope you have a lovely time at the con!

Lauren said...

Some people are born with great talent. Others work their butts off to make it happen. The only thing you can fairly compare yourself to is the you from yesterday and not to others. I think this is one of the hardest lessons I've had to learn not only as an artist but as a human being. You've inspired me to want to get back to drawing myself despite my own doubts and similar feelings. You're twice as good as you think you are:) Hope you have fun and get some good pics from Dragon*Con! I've always wanted to go but it's too many states away from me.

Mrsblocko said...

pshaw. That's the migraine talking. You've got more talent and creativity in your belly button lint than I do in my whole body.

I'm gonna keep saying that every time you get down on yourself on your blog.

ps have fun at dragoncon!

Jan said...

Slay the evil funk dragon and have fun at Dragoncon!

Marebabe said...

I hope you get to go to Dragon*Con. You DO know that Jen Yates of EPBOT will be there, don't you? And you DO realize that you should keep an eye out for her beyond-awesome Lady Vadore costume, right? The thought of you and your husband meeting up with Jen and John at the con makes me smile. :)

Laura P. said...

As a mail carrier in an office building, I absolutely LOVE the otter! If our dumb virtual desktop stuff would allow me to have a background image on my computer, I would totally save his image for that purpose!

You are incredibly talented. I love the grace and random cuteness in your drawings and wish I had a 100th of your drawing abilities. Please don't underestimate your talent.

And have fun at D*C! I would love to go someday. Try to find Jen from Epbot while you're there. I'm sure that would brighten both your days! :)

Saudade said...

@Victoria: Haha! You are right, proportions? Look at that face!

@Andrea: Yes, he does look spunky, doesn't he?

@Nomi: I hope it passes soon too, I probably was extra blue due to my migraine, I am somewhat better today. You guys rock.

@amanda: Thank you, I shall kick the funk away and try my best to enjoy the con to the fullest.

@Lauren: Yay! I am happy you are inspired to get back to drawing. You can do eet!

@Mrsblocko: Yes ma'am I will wreak havoc... I mean... have lots of fun at the con.

@Jan: Yesh!

@Marebabe: Hopefully I can track her down, I'll keep my eyes peeled!

@Laura P.: Yay! I love our mail carriers at work, they are sweet, fun and they bring us whatever goodies we get on the mail, I guess that's why I doodled what I did lol. So happy it made you smile.