Thursday, October 18, 2012

Doodle 079 - Vanellope von Schweetz candy hair ornament tutorial and female Captain America

Tomorrow after work Andrei and I will be hitting the road to visit Walt Disney World and attend a special screening of Wreck It Ralph. This means there won't be an interactive Friday this week.

Also I said I was going to post a tutorial tomorrow, but then I figured I'll be running around like a chicken without a head all day tomorrow and I decided to post it today instead. Hooray!

This craft is actually super easy, I decided to do it once I got confirmation that we would attend the screening, also I am a big dork, but that goes without saying.

Vanellope is a character in the movie, she is part of a game called Sugar Rush, the game takes place in a world that looks a lot like Candy Land, all the characters sport clothing that is made out of candy... well pretty much everything is made out of candy, and Vanellope's hair happens to be sprinkled with gummy bears, peppermints and... sprinkles:

Vanellope shaking hands with Ralph - Disney
My hair is pretty dark too, so I decided it would be fun to wear some sprinkles on my hair Saturday for the movie, it is a bob at the moment, so the pony tail with the Twizzler scrunchy is off though.

For the madness to begin all you'll need are:

-A hot glue gun (and glue sticks for it)
-Short or long bobby pins (depends on your hair length) that match your hair color more or less.
-Hair clips (also close to your hair color)
-Small beads or ornaments that look like candy.

When I decided to go on ahead and try to do this, the first place I hit up to find "candy" was Michaels. It is super close to my office, so I went over there on my lunch hour with Andrei and I found these:

Peppermint bead ornaments from Michaels. A bit over $2 after coupon, yay!
They are starting to roll out all the Christmas decor, so if you want peppermints and candy canes that are small enough for hair ornaments I would go now and stock up. These peppermints are an inch in diameter, perfect!

After work we had to do some shopping at Walmart, and in their kid's craft section, I found these on clearance:

Foam Beads.
At first they looked like they might not work since they have these designs printed on them, but they had a blank side, plus foam is super light, so they wouldn't be uncomfortable to wear or weight my hair down, plus they are all less than one inch, perfect size for sprinkles.

I also picked up some hair clips and bobby pins while there, nothing fancy, the cheapest I could find on black.

I was worried the candy ornaments would be difficult to separate from the hooks they came on, but it was actually just question of a simple twist and pull and I had all of them off without even getting the hooks off the package:

Yay candy!
These had a lot of tiny transparent beads glue to them, it gave them a cool frosted effect, but the beads kept coming off, I rubbed them with my fingers to get the excess out and to totally get them off one of the sides of the ornaments so they would stick well to the hair clips I was using.

Candy on hair clip test.
After that I opened the pack of foam beads and looked at the shapes and colors available:

The blank side was perfect.
Then I tested them on long bobby pins, the beads have a small hole through them already, so all you have to do is skewered them with the bobby pins. A small drop of hot glue does help keep them in place:

The long bobby pins were too much for my short hair, so I tried shorter ones I had already:

Once I had figured how I wanted to place the beads and ornaments I broke out the hot glue gun and did the last part of this super quick craft:

After: 3 minutes later... done!
Yup, just a bead of hot glue on the pins and clips will keep everything in place.

And then all you do is randomly place the candy all over your hair (after the glue has cooled off and dried, of course):

Sorry bout the bad photos, bad light, plus camera phone, plus me being lazy equals... photographic mess.

Anyway, They do look better in person and like candy, so I am pretty excited to wear them on Saturday.

Now for today's doodle. I did a quick female version of Captain America... I don't know why, I just did LOL:

Female Captain America. - graphite and mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 15 mins.


Maria said...

Ahhh so cute. I can't wait to see that movie!

Lea said...

Loving the doodle today! Well, I do everyday, but I really love the female Captain America!! Ever consider doing the other Avengers with the gender roles reversed?

MichelleH said...

Super cute and easy! Love it!

Ronda C. said...

Thanks for the hair idea, my daughter would love those clips.

Andrea said...

Yay for female Captain America!

Mama Mary said...

I just found those candy Xmas ornaments today at Michael's, yay! Thank you for that awesome idea. M y5 year old is so excited to be Vanellope!