Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Doodle 119 - The Mermaid's Call

Man, we had an awesome break, we spent Thanksgiving with great friends, went Christmas tree shopping, cuddled by their fire place, ran amok during the Black Friday sales, scored some sweet deals, helped decorate and finished the holiday by visiting Disney World and even managed to catch up with an awesome friend.

All in all, I laughed, talked and had so much fun that my voice is feeling hoarse. I love the holidays because it is the best excuse to hang with my favorite peeps.

Also we saw NPH at Epcot's Candlelight Processional, and it was well... legen -wait for it- dary! His sign-off after the show was done summed it all up: "If this didn't put you on the holiday spirit... well then... you are dead to me!" ROFL

So yeah, now I am all set to decorate our home and enjoy the holidays some more.

We were on the road most of the day today, but I whipped out a doodle as I rested on the couch... the cats were boarded this time, their pet resort is very cool and the vet techs there rock, so now they are all spoiled and demand even more attention than usual, so drawing with a cat on my lap while another tried to knead me was a challenge, but here goes:

The Mermaid's Call - Graphite and mechanical pencil on plain sketchbook. Aprox 10 mins.
Now I better get ready for work, I am sure my office has been insane and the team has been going full throttle since Monday, so I better get rest and be psyched up for it!

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Rhissanna said...

I love the floating hair as it rises to the surface of the water. Very well done, considering the cat handicap.