Thursday, November 1, 2012

Doodle 093 - Something Different

I spent most of my evening running around town trying to score some Halloween clearance decorations, yup, I am a bargain shopper, after ransacking a couple of stores we came back home aaaand... I really didn't feel like drawing at all... I was having the hardest time getting myself to sit down and draw, never mind just coming up with something.

So I begrudgingly sat at my desk and started to doodle... line after line, I covered a couple of pages with nothing but nonsense until I came up with this:

The Transport - blue and black mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 20 mins.
 I normally don't draw ships of any kind, so I thought it would be fun to try something different.

Tomorrow we will be traveling again, so once again we won't have any interactive doodles for this weekend, but I do have a theme you guys can start to mull over.

I need you to describe me an interesting character, example:

Name: Character X
Sex: Female
Age: Early 50's
General features: Mrs X is a humble yet strong woman who keeps a vegetable stand that specializes on selling lettuce, any type of lettuce you can imagine from every corner of the world.
She always wears a yellow apron and has a penchant for skirts and flowery blouses.
Her hair is long and brown with curls that she ties into a quick bun. She wears little to no make up most of the time.
She has gentle eyes, an slightly crooked nose and always wears her favorite pendant in the shape of an owl.

I just made that up, but you can think of people you know or have seen that are interesting.

This exercise will help me to try and draw different characters based on your descriptions. It is a rather tough exercise, so I'll just take 3 at random, but don't post it right up, take your time to come up with a character you would like me to draw and next Friday you guys can tell me all about it.


Anonymous said...

Name: Wilson
Sex: Male
Age: 37
Wilson perpetually lives in a half-way house for mentally impaired and has a withered torso. He can't find or get a job, but he acts as a sort of sunbeam for the employees and other participants. During the day, Wilson walks up and down street blocks and tries the handles of parked automobiles he passes. He's not sure why he does this (his doctor will say something about Aussbergers compounded with ...while looking perplexed) but it brings Wilson great joy whenever a car alarm goes off. Wilson wears cast-offs and green gloves.

Kelly said...

Way to push through the not wanting to draw and working until you came up with something. As always, you are inspiring. It's a neat doodle :)

kikimae said...

Name: Mai Fu Rui
Sex: Male
Age: 64
General features: Fernando is a young, spry 64 year old man. He immigrated from China when he was 20 and misses his homeland, but has nothing to go back to. He owns a flower stand on the side of the road. He has hand painted signs to lure in locals to purchase his flowers. His flowers are always beautiful, and they stay fresh longer than any flower you can find anywhere else. He is kind, generous (he'll usually slip in an extra stem if he knows you), he is always ready with a smile or laugh, and he keeps a jar of candy behind the counter for any kids that come by. He has a gleam in his eye and an aura of mystery that really makes you wonder what it is that makes this man and his flowers so special.

This is a cross between my actual flower seller and my grandfather - hope you have fun drawing him!

charissa said...

I'd like to tell you about the character my grandmother and I came up with when I was young, that I still remember.
Henrietta is a pink hippopotamus. She is in her peak years (35-45ish), and travels the world looking for adventure. She always wears a green polka-dotted dress, mary-jane patent leather shoes and a string of pearls. Henrietta loves to entertain, throwing lavish tea parties after each of her trips to educate and enthrall her friends with her tales around the world. Everyone loves her kindness, openness and generous spirit, and an invitation to one of her tea parties is the highlight of everyone's day!

Maple Girl said...

Name: Azalea Woodhouse
Sex: Female
Age: 16 (this time)
General Features: Azalea is a psychic vampire (she takes energy from other people instead of blood) that was captured when she looked like she was in her 30's. To escape she used her ability to completely drain someone of life energy - but that turned her into a child with no memory of who she is or her abilities.

She's beautiful with very long white-blond hair, large green eyes, and a pale complexion. She's a bit of a bookworm, and has a thing for Jane Austen novels.

She's painfully shy, so she always looks startled. She's short-ish (5'4") and has just begun attending high school.

(This is a character of mine from a story I'm working on. Hope you don't mind. ^_^)

Melissa said...

Have you ever read "Leviathan" by Scott Westerfeld?? That's what your airship drawing reminds me of!

Lady J said...

Name: Roslein
Sex: Female
Age: Mid 30's

General Features: Roslein is really plain to look at. She is neither beautiful nor handsome. Her nose is oddly shaped, her lips too big and her hair very ordinary. But her eyes are very wise and kind, and her face, while begining to wrinkle, is showing the lines of wisdom and humour. Laughter and smile lines rather than frown and care lines.

She dresses simply in flowing pants and shirts, as these are most practical for her work as a gardener. She loves to be outdoors working with plants, and this also gives her the most opportunity to encounter the people of the village she lives in.

Roslein is like a lodestone for people. She draws them in with her warmth, understanding, love and good humour. Love and peace shine out of her. Although she is not beautiful to look at, her inner beauty is luminous and shines out of her almost tangibly. Her inner beauty makes her appear beyond beauty to those who know her. And all who know her love her.

I wanted to give you a bit of a challenge, because all your women are so beautiful. I'd like to see your take on drawing someone more evocative like this, where the beauty comes from within rather than without. :) Hope I'm not too late for the challenge.