Sunday, November 11, 2012

Doodle 103 - Interactive Doodles

Alright, I ended up getting sucked into a work project most of today, so instead of a bunch of drawings I did a bunch of design related stuff, but like always, the doodling must go on!

I picked another 2 random characters to draw, don't worry, I will try to draw more tomorrow.

First charissa said:
"I'd like to tell you about the character my grandmother and I came up with when I was young, that I still remember.
Henrietta is a pink hippopotamus. She is in her peak years (35-45ish), and travels the world looking for adventure. She always wears a green polka-dotted dress, mary-jane patent leather shoes and a string of pearls. Henrietta loves to entertain, throwing lavish tea parties after each of her trips to educate and enthrall her friends with her tales around the world. Everyone loves her kindness, openness and generous spirit, and an invitation to one of her tea parties is the highlight of everyone's day!"

Henrietta - green and black mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 10 mins
 Henrietta sounds like an awesome character, jetsetter, prim and proper with an unquenchable thirst for adventure!

Next I tried kikimae's character:
Name: Mai Fu Rui
Sex: Male
Age: 64
General features: Fernando is a young, spry 64 year old man. He immigrated from China when he was 20 and misses his homeland, but has nothing to go back to. He owns a flower stand on the side of the road. He has hand painted signs to lure in locals to purchase his flowers. His flowers are always beautiful, and they stay fresh longer than any flower you can find anywhere else. He is kind, generous (he'll usually slip in an extra stem if he knows you), he is always ready with a smile or laugh, and he keeps a jar of candy behind the counter for any kids that come by. He has a gleam in his eye and an aura of mystery that really makes you wonder what it is that makes this man and his flowers so special.

This is a cross between my actual flower seller and my grandfather - hope you have fun drawing him!

Mai Fu Rui - green and black mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 10 mins
 I drew him re-stocking one of the many flower basket he keeps at his stall, I imagined that, since he is a great florist, he probably talks to all the plants he keeps in order to keep them happy and beautiful.

And now for the giveaway contest, I have all the entries made until 10 p.m. EST today, thanks so much for playing everybody! I can't wait to see who wins.

I will put the names on a randomizer and let you know who is the lucky person tomorrow at about 8:00 p.m. EST.


Kelly said...

LOVE these!! Henrietta is awesome! I would love to be invited to one of her tea parties! :)

Congrats on 100 days of drawings!!

charissa said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for drawing Henrietta! She is better than I imagined, and I'm tearing up looking at her and remember then fun I had with my grandmother where a stuffed hippo (the inspiration for Henrietta) was always the guest of honor at our tea parties. I have a dream of writing a series of books based on her adventures, and this reinforces my desire to write again (once I'm out of nursing school!).
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!