Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Doodle 099 - Disappearing, a sneak peek and a movie

This whole year is passing by so fast, and my doodle exercise gets a bit easier each day, slowly I am starting to feel a bit more confident on my abilities and drawing is becoming second nature again.

Last year around this time I was getting ready to start classes again, unsure of how things would pan out, still loathing myself for drawing and trying to figure out my internal struggle, from that point until now I am happy to say that, I feel better.

I have been working on the drawing for tomorrow's giveaway. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to draw, I agonized a bit over it to be sincere, and for a moment there I thought I wouldn't be able to come up with something beautiful enough to show you guys my appreciation, but I kept trying, and finally today, I managed to come up with the something.

Before I show you a teensy sneak peak of it, I will share today's doodle:

Disappearing - graphite and mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 10 mins.
 I am not really sure how to explain it, I guess she is a ghost that dissolves every morning. She never speaks, just waits, for what? Nobody seems to know, but she has an enigmatic and hopeful expression, as if she were sure that, whatever she is waiting for, will eventually arrive.

And now, for the sneak peek:

 I won't give much more away, I just hope you guys like it when you see it. I will leave it as a sketch since that's the spirit I want to carry with this blog, whoever takes it home will be able to notice all my scribbles, retracings, etc, which I think is fun.

And finally, a short movie review.

Yesterday I retreated from the whole U.S. election suspense (I am not good at suspense), and decided to watch something different on Netflix.

Andrei had bookmarked this movie for us to see together, I had so wanted to see it when it was out in theaters, but never got around to it.

Departures, a film by Yôjirô Takita
Departures is a Japanese film that tells the story of an struggling cello player who sees his dreams of being part of an orchestra dashed. This prompts a soul searching journey that takes him back to his rural hometown.

There he accidentally finds himself taking a job in the trade of casketing, which is the art of preparing the dearly departed before they are placed on the casket.

The film is beautifully shot, the actors are very good and the movie itself is incredibly moving, I found myself feeling misty eyed every now and again.

I can say I now know why this film won an academy award in the foreign film category. I really recommend it, but get a box of tissues and a hot cup of tea when you watch.


amanda said...

Dear girl. I, and everyone who reads your blog and sees something whimsical or beautiful or fun every day, am so glad you're finding your peace.

Your drawings make me smile!

Kelly said...

I love knowing that drawing every day is becoming second nature, and you are feeling more peace. Your drawings always make me happy. Every day, I can't wait to see who and what you created. Can't wait to see the giveaway piece!


Jan said...

I haven't seen any of your drawings yet that wouldn't be worthy of framing and display. I am so happy that it is bringing you joy and strength.

Lady J said...

I am constantly amazed and inspired that you can pick up and move forward. You make me feel as if even I could aspire to some artistic ability if I just submit to the doodles - I've lacked the confidence or belief in that since I was 11 - so thank you.

I think your ghost lady (today's doodle) also looks like she could be a rain drop/ puddle sprite. Similarly ethereal, and beautiful as all your work.