Saturday, October 20, 2012

Doodle 081 - Jellyfish Racer

We watched Wreck It Ralph this morning after playing video games at Disney Quest, it was a blast!

I recommend the movie, it is fun, cute and at times very, very sweet.

I wore my hair candy today and got a ton of compliments, so that was a success.

We also got to see a bit of the Orlando dragon boat races and now I sorta want to put a team together... mostly so I can be the one playing the drums to keep the rowing pace LOL.

I drew the following character inspired by the Sugar Rush game and the Nemo pool at the Art of Animation resort.

I doodled the basic structure tonight after having a swim and finished it after dinner.

I'm also attaching a photo of Andrei playing Fix It Felix, the arcade game from the movie, a Wreck It Ralph cupcake and a photo of the dragon boats.

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