Monday, October 8, 2012

Doodle 069 - The Message and more mail!

Today I want to share more reader artwork. Like I have said before, I do read your e-mails and each of your comments and it means a lot to me when I get artwork from you guys.

Amanda sent over an awesome set of drawings she did for her children, she said that she used to draw and even taught herself to paint during college, but life got crazy and she forgot about it. She was inspired by my daily drawings and got to drawing.

I can't really tell you guys how happy it makes me when someone starts drawing again thanks to my silly doodles, because you are part of my daily inspiration to never skip a day, so if I can inspire you guys as well it really makes me feel good about this project.

Elmo, Clifford, Arthur and Abby by Amanda K. using crayons.
Ninjago characters by Amanda K. using crayons.
I think she did an awesome job and if I were her kid I'd have been stoked to see these. Keep on drawing Amanda!

And now, for today's doodle, I used a red pen to switch things up a bit.
The Messenger Rarely Brought Good News - red mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 20 mins.
I imagine she is a young queen who has been sent away for her protection during times of war and she dreads the bad news that always come with the messenger birds.


LeAnn Woodward said...

Love the change in colors. :)

I went out and bought a small drawing notebook and a set of pencils. :) They are sitting on my desk.

The first blank page staring at me. I had no idea picking up a pencil and drawing on that first page would be so difficult. I decided to draw my rubber band ball sitting on my desk. Simple enough right? lol.

I'll let you know if I ever get a chance to complete it, I keep getting interrupted by staff and then great blogs I need to read too! lol.

I never really thought about all the layers to a rubber band ball. Simple enough right? hahahha.

Drawing Saudade said...

@LeAnn: Yay! That's great news, can't wait to see how you continue growing as an artist.

Oh rubber band balls are much harder to draw than one would anticipate I agree. Just keep on trying, you can do it!