Saturday, October 6, 2012

Doodle 067 - Interactive Friday Animation Doodles

Wow, so many awesome suggestions from everybody, you guys absolutely rock.

I was outside for a long time today, it was very hot, but we had fun and ended up going to watch Frankenweenie. We pretty much had the whole IMAX theater for ourselves, which was awesome. The movie itself is hilarious, perfect for the Halloween season as well, I highly recommend it... also I was so happy that they had a trailer for The Hobbit at the beginning, I am def. going to the midnight showing for that movie!

Anyway, since I was out most of the day I only got to three drawings, but tomorrow I'll probably work on way more. In order to draw these I did a lot of research and found a bunch of character development sheets for Cinderella, I love those, it helps me figure out the structure much faster.

I wasn't so lucky with Geri and Fiona, but I made do:

Heather T.: "Cinderella - more in the style of the original movie, not the "prettied up" version Disney promotes now (she wasn't a blonde!!)"

You know, Andrei said the same thing while watching the movie the other day lol.

Cinderella Sketch from development sketch reference - non-photo blue and mechanical pencil. Aprox 15 mins.
 I went ahead and drew her in the outfit the mice and birds did using her mom's old dress :)

Anonymous said: "Could you please draw Geri from Geri's Game (animated Pixar short)? He was my first ever FAVE-orite animated character :)"

That's so cool, I never would have thought of drawing him, after a lot of googling... hehehe, I ended up with this:
Geri from reference screen caption - non-photo blue and mechanical pencil. Aprox 15 mins.
 And finally for today, Anonymous#2: "Fiona! You want strong female characters, well, who's better than Fiona? Take THAT, rescued princess stereotype!"

Right on! I even went ahead and drew her on her warrior outfit.

Fiona from photo reference - non-photo blue and mechanical pencil. Aprox 15 mins
OK I am off to play some video games and rest, tomorrow... I DRAW!


J and J Mommy said...

As always, beautiful and amazing! LOVE the Cinderella - thank you!! (When I was a kid, I always thought the dress the birds and mice made for her was prettier than the Fairy Godmother's!). I will have to show my daughter, who LOVES Cinderella, your drawing when she wakes up tomorrow!

J and J Mommy said...

Oh, and I logged into the wrong Google account - this is me, Heather T. :)

Anonymous said...

Oohhh my gosh, Geri's adorable! Thank you for drawing him :3

Rhissanna said...

Yes, the birds made a prettier dress and the dress shredding scene is still traumatic, almost as awful as the screaming boy being turned into a donkey in Pinocchio.

Fiona looks wonderful in her warrior gear. I love her expression.

Oh! You saw the Hobbit Trailer? Was it good on the big screen? I'm considering going in costume, as soon as I can find my beard. And my deep voice. All together now, 'The pines were roaring, on the heights.."

Drawing Saudade said...

@Heather T: Very happy you liked her, I was watching the movie before I drew her so I was glad to try my hand at getting her design down.

@Anonymous: No problem! So happy you liked him, it was a lot of fun.

@Rhissanna: Oh I know, I still wince at that scene, poor Cinderella.

I saw The Hobbit trailer on the IMAX screen, it looked sooooo cool, I love your costume idea, afterall, female dwarves are suppossed to have beards too, that would be so epic for opening day... I might actually do it. Yup, I have very little shame when it comes down to my geekery lol