Sunday, October 21, 2012

Doodle 082 - Testing

What a weekend, we truly had a blast, but tonight I am exhausted.

We finally made it back home and now I better get ready for the week.

I was rather tired and really had to fight myself in order to do today's doodles... I really wanted to just go to bed or watch TV instead, but I decided to try and draw something.

I  have to keep experimenting with different drawing styles, and that's what I did today. I am not sure if I like these at all, but trying new things out and experimenting is what I need most right now.

Also, I have been thinking about doing a giveaway to mark the 3 month 0r maybe the 100th mark of doodling, I am just not sure what I would give away since I don't really consider any of my doodles good enough to give away yet.

I might work on a watercolor piece and use that as a prize, what do you guys think?

Anyway, here are today's doodles:

The Last Dragon Rider - blue, red and black mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 15 mins

"Are you chewing the pencil lead again?" - red and black mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 4 mins.

Rough Expression Test - red and black mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 3 mins.


Anonymous said...

I think a doodle would be a fun giveaway!! :)

Rhissanna said...

You know, until I came to read your blog, I actually didn't know mechanical pencils came in any colour other than, well, pencil colour. I like how you use the colour to suggest character and emotion.

ania said...

Dear Saudade,

*I* know that I'd be thrilled to have any of your doodles/sketches as a giveaway prize. Especially one of your wispy, flowing ones.

I hope you're bundling up well for these cooler autumn mornings.

Take care and thanks (as always) for sharing your thoughts and artistry with us.

Laura Lynn said...

I think any one of your readers would be honored to have one of your sketches. You're an amazing artist, and I'm so glad that I found your blog!

Laura P. said...

Oh wow, I love the dragon rider! So very cool. I'd like to see your version of a whole dragon one day. Hint, hint? ;)

Plus, I think the idea of a giveaway is fantastic. Anyone would be proud to have one of your doodles, especially those of us who have been cheering for you from the beginning or close to it.

Victoria said...

I would love to have one of your drawings actually, your style is gorgeous...delicate, flowing, detailed. Just what I like! (A watercolor would be amazing also, I love those!)

Hmmm, I think you should set up an Etsy store!

Kelly said...

Ooh! I would love to have one of your sketches, as I'm sure any of your readers would be. You put so much heart and life into all your pieces!

Sarah said...

Ditto ^