Monday, October 1, 2012

Doodle 062 - Geese, Clouds and Inspiration

A new month, a new week and a new set of doodles.

When I first began drawing again I did so for me, to regain the dreams I had lost and try to hang onto what little sanity I have left (or display hehe), so it was very surprising to find that I had inspired people to try and draw as well.

One such person is LeAnn, I read each of your comments and e-mails and try to keep up with answering, so when I opened my e-mail one day and saw that one of you guys had actually sent me one of your drawings it made me very happy.

You see, for a long time I thought I was alone, sure, I had Andrei, but when you keep things to yourself and muddle through life it can start isolating you in many ways, so now that I have all of you to share my journey it is a rather nice feeling to know that my silly doodles have helped you, afterall, you have helped me so much with your encouragement.

I asked LeAnn if I could share her drawing, she said yes. She wrote that she used to love drawing, but after a while she stopped and lost confidence on her talent, all that sounds very familiar to me, since I find myself on the same boat. Now she is just re-starting after reading and watching my own doodles day by day:

Olive the pug puppy by LeAnn
 I want to encourage everybody who has ever lost confidence to keep trying, it is hard, I know, but once you start your own journey and keep on at it, you will find yourself learning new things, wanting to figure things out and creating things you never thought you had the skills for.

And now for today's doodles; first I just drew something very simple and silly... yes, it is a calf sitting inside of a bag... I don't know, sometimes I start things and decide to just let them be. At least it is cute.

Calf in a Bag - blue and mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 3 mins.
After that I kept trying to figure something else to draw, this is what turned up:

Goose King - blue and mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine, aprox 5 mins.
I think that's what geese around town see themselves since they pretty much rule the roost.

Finally after drawing some random lines I ended up with this:

Shaping Storms - blue and mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 15 mins. (Click to enlarge)
It is a storm shaper, she uses a special paddle to create storm systems.


MichelleH said...

Ahhh! The cow in the bag!!! So freaking cute. :) Have you seen anything by children's illustrator Stepehen Cartwright? He's my fave, and the shape of the cow's head reminds me of his work.

splashduck said...

Cool, i like the goose king drawing. Rob G:)

LeAnn Woodward said...

That's me! :) You are too amazing! :) I love, love, love your Storm Shaper! Seriously I would love to just start drawing lines and come up with something like that! :)

The cute little cow in the bag...omg too adorable! forgetaboutit! :)

Marebabe said...

*I* think the little calf was being too rowdy, and this is the "time out" bag.

Jan said...

I just love all of lady characters dealing with nature and the clouds and stars. Are they all in the same family, I am wondering? Sisters maybe? They seem like they would all get along.