Monday, October 22, 2012

Doodle 083 - Sleepy Bat

Thanks for the comments on yesterday's post guys, since there seems to be interest I'll def. do a giveaway for one of my sketches or a watercolor piece. I am probably going to be on the road when I hit my 90th drawing so I will do the giveaway when I hit the 100th post.

I am excited, it should be fun!

Today I was inspired by the silliest thing ever:

Cute yawning bat via s-kinny-l0ve on tumblr
Yup, it is a small gif of a yawning bat that was on my tumblr dashboard this evening.

We had a bunch of bats back in Madrid when I was little. They would come out of hibernation and pretty much claimed the night skies over summer swooping down from high apartment buildings and right over our heads as we walked around the street.

I must say, none of them were as cute as the one on the gif, sure it has bony wings and teensy vampire like teeth, but it is still fluffy and has beady adorable eyes... call me crazy (because well... I am a bit crazy), but I think this one is just so cute!

So... I decided to make a quick couple of sketches:

Cute little yawning bat - red and black mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine. Aprox 6 mins.

Waking all the way up - red and black mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 5 mins.


Lauren said...

eeeeeee!!! *dies from the cute*

Rhissanna said...

Oh wow! Yes, seriously cute! I love the way it looks around afterwards.

Silly, of course we want a picture in a giveaway! I can't wait! Giveaways are always exciting.

Suzanne said...

Such a cute little guy, I love him. :D