Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Doodle 071 - Vampire Kitteh and Necomini Brainwave Ears

You know that feeling in between exhaustion and euphoria? It normally happens to me when my body has been running for so long on little sleep and adrenaline, that I can't quite tell if I am tired anymore or if I just want to go on ahead and stay up until my brain gives and then I can sleep for a couple of days to make up for lost time.

Right now I am nearing that feeling, haven't had much sleep/rest so far this week... sure I probably shouldn't have drunk that one giant pumpkin spice latte... the doctor did say "No caffeine!"... but... but... OK... fiiine, I have no excuses, I was just being bad and now I am paying for it.

Anyway, I managed to be in a good mood anyhow, why you ask? Well, first off, we scored spots to go to the pre-opening of the New Fantasyland expansion at Walt Disney World thanks to my D23 membership (it is an official Disney fan club, yup, I am a Disney geek, I could try and hide it, but... it would be embarrassing to do so, really).

Also, Andrei gifted me these:
Behold! Every other cosplayer and otaku's dream!
I kept looking at them during DragonCon and I guess he got the hint, overall when I kept repeating: "I soooo want a pair!" to what he would reply with an eye roll on time to time, because he is into practical gifts, but after 12 years of marriage he has learned... I am into silly ones, so he humors me.

He ordered them from, I love that store and I might just buy every single birthday/Christmas gift my geeky friends get from there... yeah, I love my geeky peeps.

The package got here today and I could hardly wait to get them out of the package:

Easy peasy instructions right on the top as you open the box.
Ears on the headband.
So, according to the instructions I really didn't read... yup, that's how I roll... two sensors, one on your forehead and other on your earlobe, pick up signals that tell the ears how to behave.

Do they work? Yes, at least on me they do. To do a test run I wore them while playing Skyrim... because apparently that's my other all consuming hobby nowadays, Andrei took video... be warned, it might be overly long, boring and like 98% of the population, we both dislike how our voices sound when recorded, it's all a matter of perception I guess.

Yes, that's the top of my head... you can tell I have played the game a lot since my character kills bosses like it's no big deal.

After all that excitement I managed to come up with a couple of quick doodles:

Halloween Kitteh! - red and mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 7 mins.
Several of my friends have shared a cute (photoshopped) photo of a vampire kitten, so I thought I would draw my own version.

Also, I did a quick gesture drawing, it really has no back story, maybe it is a house keeper going over to see what her neighbor needs across the way:

The Neighbor Calls - red mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 4 mins.
OK, and now I am off to bed.


Lauren said...

those ears are awesome!! If I had a pair I would likely never take them off and my husband would likely never be seen in public with me ever again haha!

LeAnn Woodward said...

I wish I could hear your voice better! You sounds so soft spoken. Andrei's voice is nice though! :)

I love the ears. I can tell when you are alert! hahahaha! I should have my staff wear them all the time, that way I can tell when they are paying attention. :) Oh and I love the way your right ear twitches!

Drawing Saudade said...

@Lauren: I had to use all of my "grown-up" sense in order to not let myself go to work with them on this morning. I doubt Andrei would have let me anyway and with good reason LOL

@LeAnn: I think I was concentrating so much on the game I barely spoke, but I do speak... a lot... not as much as Andrei, but my co-workers can attest I can be quite umm... rambunctious. If you want to hear how silly my voice actually sounds, go here: