Thursday, February 28, 2013

Doodle 212 - The Cuteness! It Buuuurns!

You might have noticed I have quite the weak spot when it comes to cute animals... I am not exaggerating when I say that I have been known to spontaneously break into tears/giggles when faced by something that goes over my cute allowance for the day.

One such thing is this video a friend shared today:

Watch it, it is long, but you will thank me... watch it again whenever you feel sad, overwhelmed or stressed.

I just had to draw some of the cuteness:

And then I drew this:

I imagined her winged hat allows her to fly :)


Marebabe said...

D'awww! I love the owl. I want the owl. He's all the sleepy cuteness I need. :)

Rachel Ndeto said...

OMG! That sloth in the box is so adorable! He made me reduce my vocabulary to allow "OMG" to be used earnestly! The power of the cute!

All of these little guys have cuteness levels worthy of Disney. Actually, a lot of your stuff would fit right in.

Also, a female, Victorian Mercury? Awesome.

Jennifer said...

I cursed you for posting this video on FB but that was b/c I lost a good 30 minutes watching all that cuteness LOL It was well worth it tho. :-) And that sloth or whatever (yawning) was painfully cute!! <3

charissa said...

More sloths. Always more sloths. Thank you for sharing these with us!