Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Doodle 196 - Squirrel Boot

Over the weekend Andrei and I were a bit late meeting friends for dinner. .. our excuse?  A squirrel tried to hijack the car by grabbing onto one of the front tires and refusing to move.

Of course we couldn't just drive with it rolling along, and I couldn't pry it off because... there were tourists taking photos and video and... well you never want to end up on youtube as: "Crazy lady attacking squirrel at Disney World" lol so yeah, we were late.
Anyway, that's why I doodled this today:


Marebabe said...

Oooh... Don't mess with this squirrel!

Mrsblocko said...

Don't for a second doubt that the squirrel didn't know what he was doing. They are evil i tells ya!!!! ;)

Kelly W. said...

Ahahahahhaha!!!! I love angry squirrel boot! You are probably right, you would have ended up on YouTube if you tried to dislodge angry squirrel. However, that would have been an awesome video hehehe :)