Saturday, February 23, 2013

Doodle 207 - Progress

Looking back at my drawings from August of last year I can tell my lines have begun more confident, my hand doesn't hurt as much after 20 minutes of drawing, it still gets cramped on time to time, but not as bad as it used to... I still can't extend my right arm all the way straight without a sharp pain to my thumb and palm, but I don't think that'll ever go away without surgery, and I am weary of going under the knife if I can deal with it otherwise.

I am very happy that I have come this far with my recovery, I think i am starting to reconnect my brain with my drawing hand correctly, I can picture things easier and relay them a better bit by bit.

Today I just continued playing with my new pencils, the rich red and blue plus the soft lead makes it easy for me to put images down and work with shapes and variations.

My boss' boss' boss called me a clever girl the other day... that made me smile because I pictured something like this.


Jan said...

Happy to see you are getting stronger and having fun with new materials. I love looking at your sketches every day and getting a laugh, but also appreciated you bullying post as well. Have a great day!

kelly W. said...

Again, thank you for sharing your journey. Love seeing that you feel more confident and comfortable drawing again. Love the Clever Girl dinosaur (side note - Jeff Goldblum saying dinosaur in Jurassic Park - super hot! Can't explain it!)