Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Doodle 189 - I am still out there... somewhere

Hopefully they still haven't thrown us overboard... hey, Andrei gets restless and can't sit down for longer than 15 minutes, it can dicey in closed quarters hehehe.

Ah, relaxing vacations...
Don't worry if your Haiku comments aren't showing, I'll see them and publish them when I get back and I am sure they are all pure awesomesauce.

For today I'll make it a little harder, and the souvenir I give away for it will match the difficulty level.

Sooo... what is it that you have to do? Just draw me a mermaid (or a merman, no discrimination here), any skill levels welcomed, as always.

You will have until Saturday Feb 9th to submit your art pieces. Hey, it gives you some time to doodle something, anything! Do eet! I promise it doesn't hurt... unless you have a freak accident with an overly sharpened crayon, in which case, I apologize and I hope your eye/hand/whatever it is you stabbed accidentally heals soon.

And here are the doodles I did for this day:

The Carnival ship that kept stalking us.

This needs an explanation...
 So, about the cows, we had our anniversary dinner at Remy, the fancy adults only restaurant aboard the Dream, it is a foodies paradise with course after course of high French cuisine. One of the highlights of the mean was the Wagyu beef from Australia, these cows are on par with the best Kobe beef from Japan, Andrei explained it to me like so:

"So, Wagyu beef is when they get two cows, give them little knifes and make it fight... TO THE DEATH! And then the one who wins is the Wagyu".

So, yeah, that's not it at all, but I nearly spit out my very expensive Evian water and made our server laugh, so I had to doodle it really fast.... you are welcome.


LeAnn Woodward said...

I'm sending my quick sketch to you now. I may try again though as it is very rough.

Marebabe said...

Mission accomplished! I have posted my mermaid drawing on your Facebook page. Awaiting further instructions. :P

Jennifer said...

Ok, so I just posted my terribly childish (actually, I think a child could do better than me LOL) mermaid picture. Hope it gives you the laugh I think it will. :-)

Hope you're enjoying your cruise and I demand a play-by-play of all you did so I can pretend I was there too. :-D