Friday, February 15, 2013

Doodle 199 - A Bunch Of Stuff

Well, I ended up being sick a good chunk of the week, I shake my fist at you evil cold and flu season!

Today I felt better and got to join my team mates at work, I do miss work terribly when I am sick, and I guess it is in part because I love my job and my team, so I am pretty lucky.

Anyway, that's the main reason why I have been slow approving comments and stuff, but I am back on the saddle and felt like drawing more today.

First a couple of sketches to warm up:

Island girl with mongoose - blue and red mechanical pencil on plain sketchbook. Aprox 15 mins,

Graceful Breeze - blue mechanical pencil on plain sketchbook. Aprox 10 mins.
Then I decided to look onto my pinterest board for reference and found this photo:

A welder at a boat-and-sub-building yard adjusts her goggles before resuming work, October, 1943. By 1945, women comprised well over a third of the civilian labor force (in 1940, it was closer to a quarter) and millions of those jobs were filled in factories: building bombers, manufacturing munitions, welding, drilling and riveting for the war effort. (Source: Life)
I thought the girl was both beautiful and interesting, so I used her as a basis for a drawing:

Rig Work - blue, red and black mechanical pencil on plain sketchbook. Aprox 20 mins.

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Rhissanna said...

Lovely drawing of one amazing photograph!