Monday, February 18, 2013

Doodle 202 - More Random Characters

I am finally starting to get out of the cold jungle... and Andrei seems to be getting into it... I might add, it is very cold here in Florida... for us Florida people anyway, I am sure all of you guys in Alaska, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Finland, etc will think it is a riot that we woke up and were complaining about cold at -3 degrees -- that is 26 Fahrenheit -- though, since you are probably way below that and have been since the fall.

But anyway, Floridians start complaining whenever we drop below 30 degrees, so you can imagine we were all bundled up as if we were heading for Siberia even though it was very sunny outside.

I spent most of my evening watching cartoons and trying to get warm, but I braved the freezing 30 degrees at our apartment to sit down at my desk, I know, I suffer, oh so much! ;-p

Bodyguard - blue and black mechanical pencil on plain sketchbook. Aprox 20 mins.
 One of the cultural events that fascinate me from Japan is Yabusame, it is a beautiful archery event:

I drew inspiration from their costumes for my doodle. I completely lack the skill and grace to practice such an activity, but it is great to watch.

Mexican Beauty - blue and black mechanical pencil on plain sketchbook.
Finally I drew a quick sketch inspired by the fact that I am feeling homesick.


Rhissanna said...

Oh, love the bodyguard and I'm beginning to think of that lovely 3 quarter profile you draw as a trademark of your art work. Very identifyable and very pretty.
As for the cold, enjoy it. Do all the wicked, comforting things people can only do best in cold weather. Hot chocolate. Old films. Loud sweaters. Mulled wine.

Marebabe said...

Thanks for posting the video on Yabusame. I had never heard of it before, although Native Americans had to be proficient with a bow on horseback for their buffalo hunts. And I LURVE your drawing of the archer! Beautiful!

One Reader said...

Delurking from the north to say that you are completely allowed to complain about being cold at 30F.
Also, I just love the way your costuming comes through.

Marebabe said...

@One Reader: I learned a new word today. "Delurking". :)