Sunday, February 10, 2013

Doodle 194 - Another Adventure Completed!

Well, the sitting room is a mess of dirty clothes and suitcases, the cats have been retrieved from the pet resort and I have updated all the entries from my days at sea with the doodles I managed to draw in between meals, running around and exploring both the Disney ship and the Disney private island... for reals ya'll that island is soooo cute.

Anyway, I know you guys were busy while I was away and I am very pleased to say I brought a bunch of stuff back with me to reward your efforts.

I made sure the prizes were Disney Cruise related.

If your name is below, please send me your address at DrawingSaudadeBlog at, don't worry if it is outside the U.S., I will mail your gift anywhere within this solar system anyway.

Now, for the winners of each day... drum roll...

For the Haiku contest, the winner is:

Anonymous Professor von Explaino

And he will receive:
A Pluto nautical plushy with magnetic paws, a Disney Cruise Line pencil and a Disney Cruise Line Postcard
But I also had a second favorite, so the runner up will also get a prize! 


She will get: 
A random pencil and a random postcard!

 For the shanty contest the winner is:

 Michelle H!

She will receive:
A Captain Mickey Figurine, a postcard and a Disney Cruise Line pencil!
 I also had a runner up for this category:

You will also get a random postcard and pencil.

Next up, on the quiz competition:
I have to admit I had a hard time figuring out myself! You see, I was supposed to ask the crew for a number, but I developed a bad case of vacation brain and totally forgot, and believe you me, we had plenty of chances, it just went off the ship as soon as I boarded, but never fear! I am a google master, so I found out that the dream has 1,250 guest staterooms and an additional 875 staterooms used by the wonderful crew.

Yes, that ship is both beautiful and huge!

Anyway, the winner is:

 You win a Minnie plushie, a pencil and a postcard, you got sooo close! Great job!

And last, but not the least by any means, the drawing contest winner!

Now, allow me to explain, when I got back and I opened my e-mail and facebook page I was sooo delighted by all your entries, truly, you guys outdid yourselves this time and really rose up to the challenge. I will be lying if I didn't confess I actually took well over two hours mulling things over before finally coming up with a victor, and even then I felt so strongly that everybody had worked hard on their drawings that I decided to award two additional prizes.

Anyway, the winner is:


Here is her beautiful creation:


You win a vynilmation collectible figure, a postcard and a pencil! Don't worry, your figure is still in the box, I opened mine to show it better.


 And now for the runner ups:

Jennifer Bormann!

by Jennifer Bormann
  With amazing use of color and a lot of creativity on a paint program nontheless! As a graphic designer I tip my hat to you Jennifer, wonderful job! 
To reward you I have a Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club Silver lanyard (they give those to repeat cruisers, Andrei and I have several already), a pencil and a postcard!

 And finally, the next amazing artist is:

LeAnn Woodward!   

 Seriously, you guys are stepping up your game with your drawings! I am so proud!

Le Ann, for your beautiful mermaid you will receive a postcard and a pencil.

Well guys, that is it for the prizes. Thanks so much for playing, I will get those out to you as soon as I get your addresses and enough envelopes ROFL.

Finally, today's doodle:

Do NOT feed the deer - blue mechanical pencil on plain sketchbook. Aprox 10 mins.
Soooo, we went out to dinner with friends yesterday before returning home, there was a sign on a fence of the restaurant and this idea came into my head... yeah... sorry no other explanations, just that LOL.

Also a note: You can go back to the different days I was gone to see all the doodles I came up with while away! I didn't skip a day, yay!

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