Sunday, January 27, 2013

Doodle 180 - Interactive Friday Costumes (Part 2)

Hope everybody had a lovely weekend! I was mostly at home, didn't do much of anything, but I am very ready for traveling soon.

OK, here are today's suggestions, first BelBlue: "This probably isn't much to go on, but how about something with a tricorne hat?"

Highwayman mask - Blue mechanical pencil on plain sketchbook. Aprox 15 mins.
 Drawing this reminded me of my very short trip to Venice (it was my senior year of high school trip), ah, I so need to go back and take Andrei with me, it is truly enchanting.

Next Sarah said: "I think you should draw a panda bear in a unicorn costume. I'm thinking of Ever After and the horse costume at the end, only better and on a panda :) Hope that made sense!"

I love Ever After, so I knew what you were talking about and tried my best:

Pandunicorn - Blue mechanical pencil on plain sketchbook. Aprox 20 mins.
And finally Mrsblocko said: "How about Downton Abbey meets Walking Dead?"

It was challenging, but I came up with this:

Clearing Downton of Walkers Before Dinner - Blue mechanical pencil on plain sketchbook. aprox 20 mins.
The staff was busy getting ready for a fancy dinner party and the girls had to take matters onto their hands so the walkers wouldn't bother the guests during dinner.


MichelleH said...

Hey, if there's a series of Jane Austen re-writes based on zombies, I'm sure Downton Abbey and Zombies would be a huge it! :)

Mrsblocko said...

You are my hero!

Jan said...

The three Downton girls look like they could be out of the book Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steve Hockensmith the Pride and Prejudice smash up. Fun book. You've been putting out lots of cool work!

BelBlue said...

Very cool. I've lurked for some time but I must admit your drawings capture remarkable movement and vision.