Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Doodle 169 - Not Feeling So Hot

I stayed home sick today, my throat started to bother me yesterday evening and it got really bad in the middle of the night. I am resting, drinking fluids, soup and trying my best to take as many vitamins and think as many healthy thoughts as I can.

Still, I am rather exhausted, sore and a bit weepy.

I managed to scribble something really fast, but I am in a fog of sorts. I hope I feel better soon since I have tons of work to do.

Sick Dragon - mechanical pencil on plain sketchbook. Aprox 10 mins.
It is a dragon with a bit of a cold. A small kid is holding a bag of ice over its head. I didn't manage to draw much since I am all woozy/sore. I am off to try and sleep some more.


MichelleH said...

Aww, poor widdle dragon! Hope you both feel better soon! :)

kelly W. said...

Poor sick dragon :( Poor Saudade!

I hope you and the little dragon feel better soon!!

charissa said...

Hoping someone can take care of you, just like someone is caring for the sick dragon!
Feel better and rest up!

Jan said...

Feel better! Hope you don't have that lousy flu that is going around.