Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Doodle 154 - Happy 2013!!!

Well, here we are, 2013 started great, with friends and celebrating a wedding.
We decided to explore the area, drove over to Sarasota and scoped the Ringling School.
Once there we also walked along the beach, saw dolphins and collected interesting looking shells.
All in all a wonderful start to 2013.
A year ago I tried to start this project without much success, and now I can't belive I have made it this far, I owe it partly to all of you, without your constant encouragement this would be so much harder to keep up.
So, thank you once more for all your support. Let's all go forth and make 2013 amazing!
Attached are photos of today and the doodle inspired by the shells we collected.
Happy new year everybody!!!


charissa said...

Oh how I love to hate that bridge!

Marebabe said...

That's a leafy sea dragon, isn't it? Very nice with the shells!

Kelly W. said...

Happy 2013, Saudade!! Thank you for sharing your work with us, I always love to see what you will come up. You have inspired me to start my own daily art practice. :)

I love the seashell sea horse! Lovely pictures as well!

MichelleH said...

Love the seahorse!
Have you ever been to Sanibel? I was there a few years ago, and am dying to go back. Talk about shell collecting!!! :)

Jan said...

Beautiful Seahorse!