Monday, January 14, 2013

Doodle 167 - Mermaid WIP and a Quick Doodle

Ah, home again. I am still sore from yesterday, we did so much walking after the 5K, I didn't feel tired then, but today I can feel it everywhere.

Still, it is a good kind of sore and I am ready to go off to sleep so I can get up early tomorrow and keep on working out.

I made some progress on the coloring of my mermaid drawing and a very quick sketch:

Mermaid WIP - graphite, mechanical pencil, micron pens and copic markers on illustration board. Aprox 3 hrs.

Tigress - graphite and mechanical pencil on marker paper. Aprox. 15 mins.


charissa said...

How much do I love your orange, curvy, swirly mermaid?
So much! She's gorgeous!

rhonda said...

i agree with charissa, the colors in the mermaid are absolutely amazing! my favorite color is a mixture of red, orange & yellow. my heart actually skipped when i saw your mermaid! Thank you!!

Kelly W. said...

Your mermaid is so gorgeous and vibrant! Fantastic colors! And the tigress is lovely - serene in knowing she is powerful.