Thursday, January 10, 2013

Doodle 163 - Panda Tutu

The rainicorn horns are drying nicely, I think they'll be totally ready tomorrow.

I hit Joann's today and ended up buying material to make tutus for the girls on my team... yeah... I am running on hyper energy hahaha.

Anyway, I'll be making tutus the rest of the night, so I did a quick sketch for today:

"Does this tutu make my 'tocks look big?" - Graphite and mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine. Aprox 10 mins.
OK, now to go make some tutus, I have never made any before, so this ought to be interesting. I will signal for help if I need a rescue party to dig me from under all the tulle.


Mrsblocko said...

I love this panda. I think all animals should be tutu-ed. I think a snake would be hilarious! Would he just wear one? or lots, cause snakes don't have hips, or are they all hip? It's a mystery for the ages.

pssst doesn't.

Jan said...

Your Panda looks like a good girlfriend for Stillwater the Panda from Jon J Muth's book Zen Shorts. Love it! Have fun at the race. And by the way, I hear that baking soda makes a good scrub if you can't get the color off.

Andrea said...

That is the sweetest panda ever!