Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doodle 050 - Wonders

I was sick at home today, I am still not feeling quite well at the moment. I am not quite sure what I've caught now, but from what Andrei tells me, about everybody at his office went home sick today with what sounds like a bad cold or the flu... I just hope I haven't caught that and can get back to work tomorrow.

Since I spent most of the day with a splitting migraine and resting I didn't do much drawing, just a quick storyboard I thought of when a friend said that for a second there my knitting octopus looked like it was holding toilet paper lol.

So I thought it would be quite awkward to find an octopus as a washroom attendant:

Octopus washroom attendant - Graphite and mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 15 mins. (click to enlarge)
Sorry if the photo isn't very good, I have very low light and the panels themselves are a bit crooked hehehe.

As a side note, whenever I stumble into a washroom with an actual attendant inside, I sort of feel a bit awkward, and they are humans and all. For a moment there I freeze, say hi politely and then start to freak out because I rarely carry cash or change with me, so I feel terrible when I can't tip... one just doesn't expect them to be in washrooms anymore.

Next I started drawing randomnly and the figure sort of looked like Wonder Woman to me. I have never drawn her (or really any superheroes) before, I gave her a costume that I thought was more practical than the usual strapless swimsuit she is drawn in. If I were to go into battle and kick some major butt I would need proper clothing, just saying.

Wonder Woman - Graphite and mechanical pencil on plain Moleskine notebook. Aprox 20 mins.
I struggled a lot with the feet, so next week during figure drawing I'll make it a point to draw way more detailed hands and feet in order to get better at it.


Susanna King said...

I love the octopus comic!

I realized yesterday I struggle with feet and legs, too. I always start at the head, put all the detail there, and then kind of get bored or something by the time I get to the feet. Tonight I was sketching karate class again (yay for one-way glass!) and tried to focus specifically on feet and legs.

Frankly, though, your feet have more shape to them than mine do.

eilonwy said...

I have the same problem with human washroom attendants-- I don't carry cash most of the time. That said, if I came across an octopus attendant who was as adorable (and helpful!) as the one you drew, I'd go find an ATM and come back to tip! :D

MichelleH said...

I've only ever encountered washroom attendants in the middle east - never in Canada. Where would you run across one in the States, just out of case I ever run into one, because I would feel the same awkward way. :)

Drawing Saudade said...

@Susanna: Thanks! Feet, hands and legs are just so hard sometimes, I find most artists have a tough time with them and that the only way to fix that problem is loads of practice. Hopefully we'll keep trying and figure them out, right?

@eilonwy: I know right? I think I'd first go out the door, come back inside and then go get some change lol

@MichelleH: I think the last time I saw an attendant was at Charlotte's Intl airport. We were doing a fast layover, so I ran to the restroom while on our way to our next flight. I was so surprised, plus so rushed.
They also have them in Mexico more often than not at nice restaurants and hotels.

Jan said...

You are such a hoot! Hope you are feeling better quickly!

Andrea said...

I have a fantastic book called "Anatomy for the Artist" by Sarah Simblet. Each section has photos of different areas of the body, and some have translucent overlays of muscle and bone structure. There's even sections focusing on the hands and feet. And guess where I got this book? Hello, Border's clearance! Still, maybe you can find it at the library or another bookstore.