Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Doodle 302 - Doodle Mania!

You know how some days you don't feel like doing any work at all... and then others it is so easy, rather painless and fun?

Well today was one of the easy/fun days.

It all started with some silly MLP FanArt. Then as I tried to doodle some more I came up with an illustration that has a back story. In short, a village was forced to down some trees during the harshest part of winter. The lord of the forest and protector of the area was enraged and threatened to obliterate the village for breaking the contract they had entered in with him when they first settled in his forest.

The high priestess and diplomat of the village was sent to try and apologize. I am not really sure if she succeeded or not.

Then I just doodled some cute shiba inu nonsense for fun... as I tried to refine the Batman Fluttershy doodle, my cat, Garfield, decided he needed antention... and as you can see... well he tried his best, he even sat on my mouse LOL.

Batman Fluttershy!
Trying to soothe the angry god
Waaay to excited about this hot balloon
The many reasons why working from home can be hard


Jennifer said...

LOVE them! I wanna cuddle the Shiba inu. :-) So cute and the angry God is awesome!

NatalieG said...

Garfield is hilarious... I'm sure my dog Maggie (who's 45 lbs) would do the same thing if she could get away with climbing up on my desk! I, too, loved the angry god sketch... very cool!

Tarsier said...

The angry god sketch is awesome! The priestess is very brave, I would not put my head so close to those teeth! :) You have such great backstories to so many of these, are you also a writer?