Sunday, May 12, 2013

Doodle 284 - Iinterruptions

We had another glorious typical central Florida weekend.
We went next door to the Magic Kingdom for a breakfast cinnamon bun, did some walking and explored the town.
As I sat down to draw... Legolas decided I wasn't going to draw tonight... I'm not kidding, he wasn't having it.
So I only managed a quick doodle of him being mad at me...


Jan said...

Ah, Disney looks like fun. I've only been once, but you took me back. And that kitty needed to be the center of your universe! He is still wondering why he got a new dog brother. Have a Great Day!

NatalieG said...

The pics of your cat in the middle of your attempt to sketch made me laugh... our pets can sometimes be as bad as a little kid who is demanding your undivided attention, can't they? Hehe... I once was taking photos of some honeysuckle that was blooming (that I ran across while walking Maggie, our dog) and she plunked herself down right in the middle of the patch to make sure I knew she was feeling neglected! It made me laugh as she did that sideways/head down look to see if (1) she was in trouble and (2) I had gotten the point to stop taking pics and continue the walk... :)