Sunday, May 5, 2013

Doodle 276 - I Regret Nothing!

What a week, truly, it feels like we have crammed 6 months of activities in just a week... and it feels awesome.

Today though I was exhausted and just wanted to rest after taking Cyber after a very long walk.
But apparently that wasn't going to fly... people kept knocking on the door to deliver packages, etc, no biggie, I just opened the door carefully each time (I have a dog and 2 cats now, who knows who would make a run for it at any moment).

Unfortunately after the 4th knock on the door, Cyber pretty much ran me over and seized the opportunity to take off like a shot... of course I put on my shoes, grabbed his leash, closed the door and ran off after him.

Now, he knows the neighborhood pretty well since he goes on 2 very long walks every day all over the place, but still, dogs can loose it when outside on their own and he is a bit of a spaz, so I tried my best to keep up, but he is incredibly fast and was running on adrenaline, so soon all I could see was his wagging curly tail flying off in the distance.

I ran back home to try and get my phone, and discovered Andrei had made it in from work, so we hopped in the car and started to drive around looking for him... no sooner had we started to drive away when a neighbor honked us over on his truck, he had caught the little rascal... and there was Cyber, smiling from ear to ear inside the truck.

We thanked the neighbor and he opened the door for Cyber to get out... mistake... Cyber took off again. By then a bunch of neighbors were making it home from work and what ensued was probably the most fun scenerio for a crazy silly dog like Cyber.

Everybody dropped whatever they had going on and started chasing him around and trying to corral him. Cyber doesn't bark and pretty much loves every human he meets, so he would come by someone new, say hi, then bolt and enjoy being chased... ugh!

Well, finally, he was caught and we got his leash on...

Sooo yeah, he was grounded and had to stay in his crate for the rest of the afternoon/evening without toys.

The good thing that came from all of this? We met a bunch of awesome neighbors. Now I need to write Thank You notes for all of them and figure out which houses they belong to lol. Also, I am never opening that door again without Cyber being crated or on a leash, geez.


Jennifer said...

Naughty Cyber! Glad the neighbors are willing to help. If our Great Dane escapes we can't count on the neighbors as they're afraid of him.......he wouldn't hurt them, just drown them in kisses LOL

Hope Cyber behaves himself from now on. :-)

Unknown said...

You draw as beautifully in words as you do in pictures. I could totally see your happy puppy enjoying being chased.

Marebabe said...

I'm no dog-training expert, but I have a friend who is, and here is what you do: Teach your pup to "come here" or "heal" or whatever you want the command to be. And the way you do this is to make "with you" the most wonderful place in the world for your beloved pet. Start with a short leash, and when the pup obeys, shower him with love and pats and "Good Boy" affirmations (and a treat). Then used a longer leash, same thing. Practice indoors, outdoors, wherever. The first times you do a training session without a leash, made it indoors or in a fenced yard, so doggie can't run away. A day will come when your command to "come here" will be always, instantly obeyed. And what a relief that will be! I sure hope this helps.

LeAnn Woodward said...

Welcome to puppy ownership! My daughters husky was 3 the last time he bolted. He was gone for 7 hours and ended up with 11 stitches in his face where he met with a large Nutria. If you have no idea what those are, picture a beaver with a rat tail and very large sharp teeth!

He hasn't ran since! I think it scared him. :)

Belblue said...

I have two labs and four baby gates, including a three foot one which stays between the front door and living room (have a weird half wall thing that makes for a mini entry way). That way people can make it to the door without being trampled and I don't have to worry about the dogs jumping on my car if they get out (if they get in the front yard unleashed they think we are going for a ride...even if the car doors aren't open).