Friday, May 3, 2013

Doodle 275 - WHAT?!?!

Sooo remember how I said I was going to be running amok today with awesome friends during the Goofy Mystery Tour?

It was rainy, super wet, but like good Floridians we donned our ponchos and went on.

We worked very hard, my friends doled out insane amounts of Disney knowledge and on my part I tried my best to assist with logistics and the odd trivia question... when we sat down after a loooong night to hear the results I was feeling pretty good about our effort, about 3rd place good.

After waiting for quite some time they announced third place... it wasn't us... but we decided we could somehow have managed 2nd... when it got called and it wasn't us, well we figured we had over-estimated and just resigned to be 4th or 5th, we had a great night, tons of fun and our team worked like a dream.

Then, something amazing happened... they announced the first place... OUR TEAM! I can't quite describe what went on in my head/face, but it sorta went like so:

Hold on... did they... did they just say... team 4?!?!
Oh... My... God, yes, yes I think they did...
The Spoils of War... trivia and clue war...

Sooo as you can guess I am delighted, still can't quite believe it, and I can't quite understand how I ended up with such wonderful friends that not only put up with my quirks, but take me along on awesome adventures.

So, to Becky, Jeff and Angela, a million thanks for being as nerdy and geeky/awesome as you are.

Now, there's next year!


Mrsblocko said...


NatalieG said...

So very cool! That sounds like sooo much fun... and what a great pay-off for all that fun work!! Congrats to you and the rest of the team. You now realize you're the team to beat next year... you should make up some kind of target t-shirt for the next event! Ha! :)

Laura P. said...

Way to go, you guys! That's fantastic. Love the visual aids of your expressions. Ha! :D I like NatalieG's suggestion of target t-shirts. That's funny!

Jan said...

Yee Haw! That was great! Neat trophy too and the bragging rights!

ania said...

Yay! How fun. Congratulations.

amanda said...