Sunday, December 23, 2012

Doodle 145 - Elephant

Wow, all of you are definitely great at Haikus, and much better at writing them than me lol.

I love to see what you guys come up with and you never disappoint.

Unfortunately only two haikus won (I wish I had the time to draw one for each of you though), anyway, here is the announcement you guys have been waiting for!

The winner of the Smaug card is:


And the winner of the Sea Turtle card is:


Please do send me your mailing address at DrawingSaudadeBlog at and I'll get your prizes out to you ASAP.

To everybody else, once again a million thanks for playing along, it really means a lot to me that you take time to stop by and check out what I have been working on. Truly, it does.

Anyway, on to today's card:

Elephant Mask - blue mechanical pencil, watercolor and micron pen on watercolor paper. Aprox 1:15 mins

All you have to do is comment on this post, let me know what you are most looking forward on the new year, are you going on a cool trip? Starting or trying something new?

I will pick the winner at random from all the posts made by 9:00 P.M. EST on December 24.

Heads up, just this one doodle and tomorrow's are left on this 12 days of Xmas giveaway. Good luck!


Suzanne said...

I'm hoping to get back into hiking now that I have lost some weight I am excited to keep moving in the right direction and get back to the outdoors and have some fun. :D

Sarah said...

I'm so excited to win Smaug! I can't wait to frame it and give it to my husband as a present!

I'm in love with today's elephant, I wish I could win again.

This year should be very exciting at our house. I am going to finally finish my degree and hopefully visit England as my reward. It will be my first visit, cross your fingers. After that I'll hopefully start grad school (but we'll see!) Merry Christmas and a very blessed and happy New Year to you and Andrei!

Jennifer said...

Ohh! The elephant, yay!!!

I'm hoping to take a trip to Australia next year, it'll be my first trip out of the states, so it's a pretty big deal.

charissa said...

I know I'm not eligible, but I have to comment on how lovely the elephant is! Really gorgeous!
And just because I want to feel included, I'm looking forward to continuing nursing school this year and (hopefully!) this will be the year my amazing BF proposes! :)

Kelly W. said...

Oh, I so love elephants, and yours is so lovely!!

I'm looking forward to doing more drawing and illustrations, running in my first obstacle/mud race, and going someplace new with my husband for vacation (maybe New York City)

Merry christmas and festivus!

Jan said...

I am looking forward to the madness of working at a Hallmark store during the Christmas season to be over so I can think straight again. I long for a quiet day so I can draw or knit or write. I have been enjoying all of your drawings everyday but haven't had the time to comment until now. Hope you have a restful holiday season.

Kirsti said...

Beautiful elephant! My goal for this coming year is to survive our first full year in Chicago: we are not big city people, so it's kind of a big deal for us to be here!

Brooke said...

Oh, an elephant (I collect them)! And in my favorite colors - I would love to win him!

I am looking forward to getting a lot of sewing done and opening my etsy shop (I've been putting it off for about a year now...) Not planning to go on any trips, but we will see where my freelance costuming takes me next year.

I'm also looking forward to all your beautiful drawings in the coming year. Have a wonderful Christmas! =)

Sparky said...

This elephant is utterly fantabulicious!

This year, the hubby and I are looking forward to (cross your fingers) buying our own house in the summer, assuming our finances go as planned.

rhonda c. said...

The new's going to be a great one! i'm looking very forward to more independence for myself and am excited about continuing towards my goal of eating 90% local and 100% non GMO.

i think i like the elephant best so far...the colors are awesome, especially that bits of bright, deep orange (my favorite color ever).

Christina LMT said...

Charissa, I'm a nursing student, too! Four more semesters for me...

Saudade, I'm really determined to start volunteering in the new year. I need to get off my butt and do more for others.