Thursday, December 13, 2012

Doodle 135 - 12 Days of Xmas Time!

First, I want to thank everybody who participated on my surprise flash doodle contest!

I now have the incredibly difficult job to pick only 3 winners. I have to say... your doodles made me smile so much it hurt my cheeks, you are awesome. I will announce the winner on Saturday, so be on the lookout!

Today I was supposed to be watching The Hobbit at midnight, but I was so exhausted after work that we decided to be "responsible adults" (What?! I know, right?), and will be going to watch it Saturday instead (after watching My Little Pony, of course).

Anyway, I worked some more on the 12 cards I will be giving away:

WIP masks - blue mechanical pencil on watercolor paper. Aprox 15 mins.
And I finished today's giveaway!

Seahorse Mask - blue mechanical pencil, watercolors, micron pen. Aprox 1 hr
Ta-dah! This is my first time actually finishing a painting in many, maaaany years, sure it is small and watercolors, but I am so happy I still know how to use them (more or less).

And now on how you can be the proud owner of this beauty:

You can follow me @DrawingSaudade on twitter and retweet the post mentioning this competition.
You can like my facebook page and share the post mentioning this competition.
You can leave a comment on this post.

All entries must be made before 11 P.M. E.T. tomorrow. I know it is a short time, but I have 12 of these puppies to giveaway. Word of warning, if you have your heart set on this one, do try and get as many entries as you can because I am only doing one seahorse.

Yes, you can do all 3 and get up to 3 entries! If your twitter handle is different from your name just leave it on the comments here so I can make sure you get your right amount of entries.

And so, let the merriment begin!


MichelleH said...

Well, I've shared on FB, and on Twitter (I'm @michelleheumann) and now I'm commenting!

I have a corner of my office that's all beachy - the seahorse would fit in beautifully! :)

Marebabe said...

I love the vivid colors! Unlike anything we've seen on this blog before.

Ricebubbles said...

Gorgeous! I loveeeee seahorses! C:

NatalieG said...

Like Marebabe, I really like seeing the colors you've used for the seahorse. Looking forward to seeing the others!

hello haha narf said...

way cool! thanks for sharing. i would love to have an original piece by you. so excited for these 12 days!

charissa said...

I've tweeted (@charissarenee), Facebooked and here's the comment! Seahorses share the top spot as my favorite (along with otters and tigers) animal and this mask is simply divine!

Rachel said...

Love the blue and orange together, as well as the subject matter. Thank you for sharing your story as well. I too had an experience where I felt the doctors weren't listening, and I finally used some harsher words (not swearing, but much firmer than they were used to hearing from me) to get my point across, and once I did, my doctor thanked me for reminding her that she needed to listen and to view me as a person with a life that needed living, not just as a medical case. Soon after I had a major abdominal surgery that all the doctors then admitted I had desperately needed. I have retweeted (@WellsyWife) and shared on FB. I would love to win not just because I like the art, but because I feel you are a comrade in the trenches, though my trench has not been as deep. Your project and the reasons behind it have touched my heart, and I thank you again for being brave enough to share and create again.

EveyS said...

Love this mask drawing and all of you work! Commented on Facebook and hoping I can win (I missed the deadline for the contest yesterday)! Keep up the good work!