Friday, December 7, 2012

Doodle 129 - More winter and new theme!

I stopped procrastinating on my winter trading cards (they need to go out next week), I think I only have one or two more left, I am still under the weather, but I think I am keeping it at bay.

I need to get out and buy more cards for my trading and for a series I will be doing for all of you as a holiday present of sorts.

WIP Winter cards - cold press watercolor, blue mechanical pencil, micron pen, silver and golden markers. Aprox 40 mins for all 3.
And now for this weekend's theme! (I will take 5 at random from now until tomorrow at noon and then complete as many as I can from that cut-off):

Animals behaving strangely!

Allow me to explain, you will pick one animal and then another animal it will be behaving as, example:

A cow bathing herself like a cat.

Now, if you have seen a cat bathing itself you can agree it would be a riot if a cow tried the same.

This theme is brought to you by Andrei, because he is as crazy as me.


Marebabe said...

An elephant stalking low through the grass like a lion (or leopard, or tiger, any cat). I realize I've suggested an elephant before, so I tried to change it up and substitute some other big, heavy animal. But for me, it just has to be an elephant in this scenario!

Melissa said...

First off... I hope you do the cow washing itself like a cat. That sounds pretty funny!!

My suggestion is a giraffe swimming. Maybe doing the backstroke? :)

Get feeling better!

amanda said...

A chicken that is channeling a great white shark!

NatalieG said...

This one isn't so unusual, but it's what comes to mind for me when I think of your theme... a cat acting like a dog (or vice-versa). We've had times with our animals where we've thought 'What?!? Do you realize you're a cat?' It may be hard to come up with something radical to draw, but I thought I'd throw it in the pot. :)

charissa said...

Oh how fun! How about a porcupine spinning a web like a spider! All spines and spikes and delicate webbing... :)

MichelleH said...

This is a challenging one. :) A red panda hanging out like a possum?

Heather T. said...

An octopus trying to roll itself into a smooth ittle ball like an armadillo. (I'm thinking of cartoons or movies where an armadillo armor plates all meet up and become a perfect ball - i don't know if they can really do it in real life :) I'm thinking the poor octopus wouldn't know where to put all it's legs!

Running Betty said...

A hamster walking the runway like Honey Boo Boo

Sparky said...

An elephant behaving like a squirrel!

runningbetty said...

I found my last suggestion... it's above. A hamster walking the runway like Honey Boo Boo!