Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doodle 141 - Zebra Time!

OK now to announce today's winner... *Drumroll*


Congratulations! Please send me your mailing address to DrawingSaudadeBlog at and I'll send it to you right away.

Also, paging Christima LMT, I have your echidna card and need your address as well, so send it my way so I can get it out to you!

For all my other lovely readers, do not worry, we are just at doodle 6, and I plan on doing 12, so there are pretty good odds that you will end up with one too, hang in there!

Today's card:

Zebra, blue mechanical pencil, watercolor, micron pen on watercolor paper. Aprox 1 hr.
Yay zebras! To win this lovely card all you have to do is write a zebra themed Haiku.

Terrible Haiku example by yours truly:

"The zebra runs far
With the warm wind on his back
Escaping lions"

I have never written one before and this was actually Andrei's idea, so I searched online and found a cool tool to help beginners write Haikus:

It actually keeps track of your syllables so it makes things easier.

You have between now and tomorrow at 10:00 P.M. EST to write a quick one. Then leave it on the comments section on this post and I'll pick a winner.

Don't worry, you can do eet!


ginger said...

This is simply lovely.

water run escape
danger is coming: close in
the stripes will protect

Ian B said...

zebra stripes white black
like a fingerprint, unique
run wild, free zebra

Jennifer said...

Oh, this would be perfect! My bedroom is done in zebras :-) I'm also horrible at stuff like this, but here's mine:

The zebra runs free
across the savanna plains
behold his beauty.

Laura P. said...

I love all these cards and have been wanting to enter the drawings, but I'm holding out hope that one of the cards will be a dragon mask. Can you give me a hint whether that will be one of the cards or not? Please? :)

Anonymous said...

God's merry paintbrush
On this one: black stripe, white stripe.
Look! It's a zebra!

Zebra conundrum:
Is my coat black with white stripes
Or other way 'round?

The hunter and prey,
Zebra and lion cuddle
On my daughter's bed.

*I didn't know if you could title a haiku or not. :)

hello haha narf said...

talented artist
merry christmas from saudade
i'd love this zebra

hello haha narf said...

p.s. i realized after i hit submit that i don't actually know how to pronounce saudade so i really hope it is two syllables otherwise my haiku doesn't work! (yes, i realize it was pretty bad, but you didn't insist they had to be spectacular. xoxo) hope that doesn't disqualify me because i would be honored to have this piece hanging in my home.
thanks so much for sharing your art with us!

Bloody_destiny3 said...

Black and white stripes abound
Standing out within a crowd
each are different

Laura Lynn said...

Happy, fast, striped equine,
running in the fields of Africa
wild, free, fine, Zebra

That was hard! It's not great, but it's the best I've got. :)

Voltaire said...

Shade and light in flesh,
Traversing dangerous lands,
Strength in unity.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a striped horse
But closer kin to donkeys,
Zebras bark like dogs.

charissa said...

Oh! I won! Yay, I love the tiger!
I know I'm not eligible to win a second card, I just really want to write a zebra haikus!

What's black and white and
Red all over? A sunburned
Zebra. Ha Ha Ha!

African ponies
Monochrome meat on the hoof
Can't fool the lions!

Zebra fashion woes!
Black on white or white on black?
I clash with cheetahs.

Drawing Saudade said...

Thanks guys! Now I have to read all of these and decide who wins... it is gonna be a tough one, I can tell.

Please standby *Plugs in elevator music*