Saturday, December 15, 2012

Doodle 137 - Winners, more winners and a new mask

Welcome to the first 12 days of Xmas award ceremony *canned applause*.

I have zero witty banter for you tonight, but this award ceremony won't run for 2 hours so we can be thankful for that *forced canned laughter*

OK now, first for the winners of the 3 winter cards. Everybody that submitted a doodle did an outstanding job, and I say that because I mean it, they were imaginative, fun and wonderful, every time I saw a new one pop up on my page I would smile from ear to ear.

I keep saying this, but I love you guys and I love it when you share your art with me, really makes me happy.

Anyhow, it was very, very hard to pick 3 winners, but it had to be done, so here they are!:

Kelly W. wins the cuteness category.
Those mice are adorable and also about to get in so much trouble with Santa!

The Mice Take Over Christmas by Kelly W.

Michelle B. wins the originality category.
Not only did she draw an awesome ice creature that I would love to see, but she also added this back story for it:
"This is a chalk pastel doodle of the rare and elusive Icy Flutterfly. It is not to scale, as the average flutterfly is the size of a snowflake. They are only found at the north pole, by those who posess a child-like imagination. Patterns vary, but are always shades of blue and white to blend into their surroundings. Jack Frost has been known to copy their wing patterns in his frosty window art."

Icy Flutterfly by Michelle B.

And last, but not least, Dana W. wins on the Artistry category.
I love what she did with the typography here, very nice!

Merry Christmas by Dana W.

And now for our very honorable mentions, because I have to share with everybody this awesome drawings from everybody else that entered!

“No. 2 pencil on multi-use copy paper” by Mary Evans (Marebabe)

A fairy with snowflake wings by Judi B.

Singing snowman in black & white and white & black by Becky B

 See what I told you? It was soooo difficult! The adorableness and awesomesauce levels were off the charts. Not gonna lie I might be up tonight wishing I had 3 more doodles to give out this instant.

And now, for our first 12 days of Xmas winner!

 From random entry from everybody the lucky reader is... wait for it.... wait for it...

You win the first card with the Seahorse!

To the selected peeps: please shoot me an email at: DrawingSaudadeBlog at to send me your address so I can send the prizes to you all.

To everybody else, do not worry, we have 11 more cards to go!

Today's giveaway and doodle is an echidna mask:

Echidna Mask Trading Card - blue mechanical pencil, watercolors and micron pen on watercolor paper. Aprox 1.5 hrs
The first person to answer the following question here wins:

Which animal is the most closely related (as in the same order) to the echidna?

Ready, set, go!


Christina LMT said...


Drawing Saudade said...

Christina you are a winner! You get to keep the echidna!

Send me your mailing address to the e-mail provided above.

Everybody else, just you wait till you see tomorrow's prize!

MichelleH said...

Ahh! That's so exciting! I definitely think my backstory was better then the attempt at art. I'l send you an email now! :)

charissa said...

Congrats to all you guys! So creative!

Rhissanna said...

Congratulations to everyone and that echidna mask is wonderfully colourful.

Marebabe said...

I'm tickled! I'm also slow (at answering the platypus question). I'll be sending you my address by email NEXT!

Christina LMT said...

ZOMG!!! I had no idea I was the winner! Thank you, I'll email you ASAP. :)