Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Drawing(s) 004: Doodles

Not much time to draw today outside of work, just a quick sketch of a random outfit, what can I say, I always enjoyed costume design. And also a doodle based on a falcon I very briefly saw today on the drive back to the office at lunch. I just had about 5 seconds to see it perched atop that stop sign, but the one thing I did say about it was that it was the fluffiest falcon ever.

Yup, I make odd observations, it heard me and I am sure it didn't appreciate being called fluffy, but... it was... oh, so very, very fluffy.

Charcoal pencil on sketchpad, aprox time: 10 mins

Charcoal pencil on sketchpad. Aprox time: 5 mins.

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