Saturday, January 1, 2011

And so it starts. 365 days, 365 drawings.

The reason behind it all: to regain enough control on my drawing hand to draw and paint something decent again by year's end. Call it a rehabilitation exercise, a fight against the ever present and dooming creative block, or just a need to work through my own lack of confidence after many years of neglecting something I truly love.

With just a mechanical pencil and my sketchpads to begin with I will draw one thing each day and try to make it as elaborate as time and my arm/hands allows.
Sometimes I will scan in the pieces, others I might just be able to post cellphone photos, but I promise to never skip a day (unless under extreme duress)

How and why I can't draw anymore for extended periods of time, I really don't like to talk about, maybe I will delve into it as I struggle with my own creative demons, but for now:

Happy new year, and welcome.


One Reader said...

I just wanted to tell you the your lines are beautiful. I haven't done sketch work in like 14 years, and I miss it. So thanks to you, I will be picking up the charcoal again. Your story so different from mine, but similar in that, I too stopped almost all of my art. I have been picking it up a lot more lately and sketching will be one of the toughest. Thank you so much for the inspiration.
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One Reader said...

Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I might not show up on your counter, but I am watching from my Google Reader. Keep at it, you are awesome.

Saudade said...

Thanks Daisy! Please, do pick up your sketching, let me know how it goes. It can be hard but once you get your lines to loosen up it can be a lot of fun.