Wednesday, January 5, 2011

005: The cold snap

One of the funny things about Florida... it gets cold. After over a decade here I know I will need a coat, but that doesn't stop Floridians from being surprised by the low temps every single year. They will wait for the spring as if the month and a half of cool temps were a divine punishment.
Sure, there are some Floridians who just love the cold, but they are the minority around me. I blame the sunshine; after a while one gets addicted to the glow, the warm slow bake and the whole wintery cold rain can quickly turn anybody into a whiny withdrawn sunshine junkie.

Watching people rush from buildings into their cars feeling perplexed that it is winter never gets old... very quick and rough sketch made out of composites from people I observed in the street and from memory.

Blue pencil on sketch pad. Aprox time: 4 mins

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