Monday, January 3, 2011

Drawing 003/3.2: Twofer

I actually did draw more than this today, but they were work-related drawings so I won't count them.
The first one I just made up without a model, hence why the proportions of the face might be a bit off.
The second one I guess I could call it an exercise on costume design.
My right hand keeps dragging a lot over the paper, hence the smudges on the right side of both drawings.
I will try to extend my drawing time, but it gets rather frustrating after a while and my thumb, palm and forearm start to cramp up a bit when I try to add finer details.
I just noticed both doodles have their eyes closed, I guess because I was rather tired by the time I sat down to draw and I really wanted to get some rest hehe. Eyes take a while to get right, so that was my way to lazily finish the job faster.

Pencil on sketchpad, aprox time: 15-20 mins.

Gesture drawing, pencil and ink on sketchpad, aprox time: 10 mins.


Anonymous said...

I love the costume designs. So glad you are drawing again. I hope you can feel the love we are all sending you. From yet another Epbot reader, Sarah

AnnaSchu said...

I'm an epbot reader too, i'm so glad I came over here your pieces are so beautiful!