Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

Drawing Entry is CLOSED

Please hold onto your hats, will announce the winners tomorrow!


 Happy Halloween!!! I hope you guys are having a great day and awesomely spooky night.
Today I decided we could celebrate by hosting a giveaway!!

I was very lucky and  participated on a Disney Blog Meet-Up earlier this month, during the meet-up we were gifted several Disney villain posters, which are pretty nifty. Andrei and I got a set each, so I decided to spread the wealth and give away the extra ones we received.

There are 4 in total, Scar, Hook, The Evil Queen and Ursula.

How can you get your mitts on one of these you ask?

Well, all you have to do is tell me what your favorite Halloween candy is, which villain you love to hate most and why, and I'll pick a winner at random from each villain category!

I'll wait for everybody to answer on the comments section until Saturday at 7:00 a.m. ET and then announce the winner, since some of you might be out and about all of today and tomorrow I'll be working and out myself.

And yes I'll ship them anywhere since I know we have international readers and it sucks when you can't participate, so no worries!


Dana Strotheide said...

OH yay! Fun, and super cute posters. My favorite Halloween candy is Twix.And I definitely love the Evil Queen most (of those four at least) She's so devious and terrible. Though, my fave Disney villain of all is Mad Madam Mim from the Sword in the Stone. She's just so fantastically crazy. :)

Moonlup said...

Happy Halloween!

Favorite Halloween candy? Candy corn. My dad and I used to make bowls of that stuff disappear in days.

My favorite Disney villain is easily Maleficent (classy dragon ladies ftw!), but of these four I'd probably have to go with Scar. Not only does he succeed in killing the king and taking his place, he does it by convincing the king's son that he's the one truly responsible. Cold.

charissa said...

Fav candy are those peanut butter taffy kisses that no one else seems to like.
And my fav villan is Hook. I love him in all his devilish incarnations in every book, play, movie and TV show. He's devious but dashing and bigger than life!

Jan said...

My favorite candy for Halloween is Junior Mints. We can only get them in the small boxes this time of year, so I buy enough to get me through to next Halloween. The lady at the store thought I was getting ready for Halloween but I was just taking care of myself! I love to hate Scar, because I love all the Disney cats. My all time favorite Disney villain is Prince John from Robin Hood. He is such a big baby with his sidekick Sir Hiss. Prince John's thumb sucking always makes me laugh!

Kirsti said...

Do I still have a chance to win if I admit that I'm not much of a candy fan? (Is that too blasphemous?) I'm more of a pumpkin-bread-still-warm-from-the-oven person. Or pumpkin milkshakes, if it isn't too cold out. Or just about anything pumpkin-y, really. (Except pumpkin pie. ...Sorry. Again with the blasphemy.)

One Reader said...

I've missed your posts. Glad you have still been drawing. My favorite candy is anything with chocolate :) and my favorite villain to hate is Ursula. She is one bad mutha!

Unknown said...

My favorite Halloween candy is a Baby Ruth bar. Has been since I was a little kid! My favorite villain is Ursula. I watched the Little Mermaid 239 times one summer. I can recite the entire movie. So much fun!!!

Sarah said...

My favorite Halloween candy is the snack size twizzlers. Super chewy and slightly different flavor from the full size for some reason...I could snack on them all day.
The villain I love to hate is Ursula. So much sass! She has one of the best songs, imo. But I also really 'liked' the witch/mom in Tangled because she is so interesting and different. My kids wondered if she really was evil until I explained that she only acts like she loves Rapunzel. She also has great songs.

Bethany said...

Not sure if this is to late. My favourite halloween candy has to be the little popeye candy sticks. Ill buy like 6 bags of them just for myself. and my favourite villain has to be scar out of those 4 anyways because he is so good at being deceptive without the use of magic . But out of all the disney movies my absolute favourite villain has to be Oggie Boogie.